Šimi club

Join Šimi the sheep and its assistants in Šimi club, a merry world of children's imagination and crazy fun.

Activities for children

To ensure your kids have an excellent time in Šimi club, our animators prepared for a multitude of activities:

Educational workshops
Board games
Interactive performances
Treasure hunts
Creative workshops
Sports competitions
Didactic games
Playstation and Wii

All of the activities in Šimi club are carried out under the guidance of our animators.

Rules of Šimi club

Šimi club is open for your little ones from May 1st to September 30th. To make their stay as pleasant as possible, please take a look at our house rules.

Download rules

To get additional information about Šimi club and available activities, visit the info desk at the reception or contact us by email

[email protected]
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