Looking for fun camping games to play on a rainy day? Read this article and check out our list of the best ideas to keep you entertained all day long.

You finally went on a much-anticipated camping trip, hoping for nice weather, but suddenly it started to rain!? Don’t let the bad weather ruin your trip — we found an abundance of rainy-day camping games to keep you entertained even without the sun! Camping in the rain can be a memorable experience, but it is essential to be prepared. Keep reading to find out how.

Be prepared for rain

With timely preparation, you can easily embrace any weather conditions. Just be sure to invest in a quality tent and waterproof camping equipment. It’s best to check the weather a couple of times before you go on a trip, so you’ll have enough time to repack or buy some additional equipment. With proper preparations and our rainy day games, tent camping in heavy rain doesn’t have to be boring. If you have some concerns about how to prep, check out our 5 tips for camping in the rain.

Best rainy day camping activities

No matter the weather, you can have an adventure-filled weekend. Just pick one of the 10 camping activities for rainy days and have fun with your family and friends!

#1 Board games. Playing your favorite board game in the tent or the RV just hits differently. If you need help deciding what game to bring on your camping trip, check out our board game guide.

#2 Reading. Pick your favorite book and surrender to the magical scenery of the old city of Pag. You’ll feel like you’re inside some historical fantasy novel!

#3 Indoor treasure hunt. A fun alternative to hide and seek is to hide some object inside a tent or your RV and ask your kids to find it. 

#4 Word games. Minimum props, maximum fun. Make up your own words, play hangman or invent a brand new word game. 

#5 Tell stories. It’s one of the traditional family camping pastimes, rain or no rain. 

#6 Enjoy the sounds of nature. It’s like real life ASMR! Just focus on your breathing, meditate and relax. 

#7 Go hiking in the rain. Hiking in the rain is a unique experience because even a familiar path can look completely different. Put on your rain gear, lace on your hiking boots, and head out for a mile or two.

#8 Write a journal. Seize the opportunity to contemplate and put your thoughts in order.

#9 Plan the activities for the rest of your vacation. Sounds like work, but it’s actually not. Use the rainy hours to research your surroundings online and book the spots you want to visit the following day-

#10 Dance in the rain. Play some music on your phone, and create the best vacation memories.

Camping is an adventure any time of the year and in any weather conditions. If you’re excited to try something new and embrace everything mother nature has to offer, book your stay at Camping Village Šimuni. Who knows, maybe moody weather makes your camping experience even better!

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