10 most important items to bring when camping

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Packing can be grueling, so we’ve made a list to help you out on your next camping adventure.

If your perfect camping vacation includes just your tent and nature, here are some things you’re going to want to pack.

1. First Aid Kit

Camping usually means being active, so even though most camps have first aid kits, bring your own to tend to potential cuts, bruises, bumps or scratches you might earn during your vacation.

2. Matches

You’ll probably be using them for building a fire to roast your marshmallows or a barbecue lunch for your family, so be sure to bring matches.

3. Rope

Rope has many uses, be it for setting up your hammock, hanging food or coolers, creating a shelter or a clothes line.

4. Mattress

Going camping for a lot of people means being one with nature, but you should draw the line at sleeping on gravel or rocky terrain. Having a blow-up mattress will make your experience a lot more enjoyable.

5. Bug spray

Being outdoors is great, but you’re not alone. There are a lot of insects you don’t even notice until you start to scratch.

6. Sun protection

Don’t forget, the sun is everywhere, even when it’s cloudy. Putting on sunscreen is a given, especially if you’re camping during the summer.

7. Flashlight

Bathroom breaks during the night will be a lot less adventurous if you pack a lantern, flashlight or headlamp. Also, don’t forget that scary stories over the camping fire have more effect when you put a flashlight under your chin.

8. Maps/Compass

Of course you have your phone for GPS, but bear in mind that there could be limited signal or you might find yourself lost with your phone battery dead.

9. Clothes

Ok, sure you’re going to bring clothes. But pack for the kind of weather you’re not expecting. Weather forecasts are reliable only to one point, especially if you’re camping at a spot that enjoys its own microclimate.

10. Swiss Army Knife

This knife is like a proper little toolbox in your pocket and has plenty of features you might find useful.


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