Rain happens, but that doesn’t mean your camping holiday is over. Here’s how to protect yourself from the rain and embrace the weather.

Protect your things

If you’re like the rest of the world, you probably have a million plastic bags around your house. These are perfect for waterproofing your valuables while camping in the rain! Just put your things in plastic bags and don’t worry about them, they will work as good as any other expensive waterproof bag.

Invest in a quality tent

Set up a tarp overhead, if you’re able put one over the entire campsite. When it comes to your tent, pick one with vents, this will prevent with condensation and keep the air flowing. Also, try to find a tent with a waterproof outer tent (a flysheet).

Pick the right site

You can outsmart potential rain even before you pitch your tent. Choose a parcel with a little elevation, so the rain doesn’t pour down in your tent, but away from it. It’s also recommended to not camp under a tree because its leaves will retain water which will drip even when the rain is gone. Check out the parcels in Camping Village Šimuni.

Rain can be fun

Bad weather is not going to rain on your parade if you decide to just play along with it. When you’re stuck in your tent, might as well have some fun, so along with your camping essentials, pack some cards or board games and make the most of a rainy afternoon.

An alternative sleeping place

If rain does catch you unprepared and soaks your tent or sleeping bag, a hammock is a good backup. Setting up a hammock can help you have a dry place for sleeping while camping in the rain because it has no contact with the ground. If you’re not sure how to set it up, we have some help.

So, if you understand that rain can be fun and it’s is a part of the whole camping experience, pick your perfect parcel right now!