5 types of tents: quick guide on what size you need

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Figure out what kind of tent you need for your camping holiday!

By now you’ve already learned about which food to take camping and how to have a more comfortable camping experience. Those campers who are always cold (you know who you are) also learned some useful tips on how to always stay warm in your sleeping bag. Now it’s time to cover one of camping’s essentials — tent designs and tips on choosing the right one for you!

Tent sizing

When it comes to size, you want to make sure that the tent fits its tenants comfortably. Seeing that there is no industry standard on capacity, we suggest going up one person when buying a tent. This means that if you’re planning on camping with two other people in your tent, buy a 4-person tent, even though there will only be three of you. 


The original tent is still very much in demand. It’s easy to pitch, lightweight but sturdy, and very stable. Be careful to choose a heavier material if you’re going somewhere windy. The downside of an a-frame is its sloping sides which lessen the amount of indoor space and headspace.


Dome tents are one of the most popular tents amongst campers because they’re easy to set up and are mostly freestanding, which means you can move it around. The dome shape prevents rain buildup and provides a good amount of headspace, but can get unstable if too large. We recommend the dome for up to four people.


These tents are perfect for families, as they run large in size and have higher ceilings. Because of the large number of attachment points and poles, you need some experience to pitch it correctly. If not secured properly, this tent will give you trouble during high winds.

Instant tents

You may have come across instant tents or pop up tents. Their appeal is apparent — they are extremely easy to set up and take down, but they’re not stable and can’t hold well during bad weather and extended camping trips.

Beach tent

These tents are designed for giving shade rather than for actually sleeping in nature. Beach tents are very useful for families who are looking for some shade while beach camping or people who are simply spending long days on the beach. These tents fit anywhere from one to six people. 

When you’ve decided on the perfect tent, it’s time to find the perfect camping pitch. We have over 500 pitches, so you can choose to camp between the pines or by the beach.

Once you’ve pitched your tent, go ahead and take out your camping chairs and reward yourself with a tasty camping dish or try your hand at setting up a perfect hammock for your afternoon nap. 

If you maybe decide that camping in tents is not for you, you can always choose between staying in a mobile home or bungalow at camp Šimuni. 

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