6 interesting places on Pag, that you definitely have to visit

There are many unusual and interesting locations in Pag's towns and cities. In them you’ll find numerous interesting things about this island and its history, as well as its inhabitants and culture. Next time you come to the island of Pag, head to these six places!

Saltworks near the city of Pag

The island of Pag, apart from lace and majestic beaches, is also famous for its sea salt that’s produced in large open pools near the city of Pag. In these clay pools, spread over more than 2.5 million square meters, the sea water evaporates under the heat of the sun and wind, and thus creates sea salt of the highest quality.

Olive gardens in Lun

Lun is a small town on the northwestern part of Pag. What makes it special are the centuries-old olive trees that look like they’re growing from the stone itself. It is said that every family in Lun has its own olive grove because there are more than 80 thousand olive trees in this place. These olives are among the oldest in the world, with the oldest one having more than 1000 years.

15th median near Šimuni

The 15th median, according to which the Central European time is calculated, crosses the exact center of the island of Pag, and this center lies near the highest point of the island – the peak of St. Vid. To mark this, a marble monument was placed on that exact location, and it shows median’s line which splits the island into two parts.

Ethno collection in Kolan

Kolan is located near Šimuni, and its old school is where you will find an ethnographic collection of objects and tools used by the old inhabitants of the island of Pag. In addition to those tools, there are numerous works of art in this ethno collection, and each comes with a unique story that will connect you closer to Pag’s locals, its culture and the way of life.

Segal near Povljana

Lokunja is not the only place on Pag with healing mud that proved to be extremely effective for body detox, as well as treating rheumatoid arthritis and skin diseases. You can also find many medicinal muds in lake Segal near Povljana. To take advantage of all the healing properties of this mud, just put it on yourself and then relax in the sun!

Archaeological sites in Caska

Caska is a small settlement located near Novalja, and it’s extremely popular among tourists and guests because of its beautiful coves and numerous archaeological sites. Underwater surveys have shown that in the ancient times, this was the location of the old city of Cissa (whose remains can be found at the bottom of the sea), while the legends say there’s even a connection between Caska and the mythical city of Atlantis which, according to some stories, was between Nin, Vir and Lošinj.


Now that you know which locations you need to visit when you come to the island of Pag, book your perfect vacation in Camping Village Šimuni and start exploring!