6 reasons why our guests like camps more than hotels


When it comes to going on vacation, our guests usually go to hotels or camps. Here are 6 reasons why they prefer coming to camps.

Making lots of new friends

According to our guests, the biggest difference between going to a hotel and going to a camp is the connection between guests – in the camp, they hang out and spend a lot of the time together. In the hotel, there’s no such connection. In order to connect our guests to each other, we organised a variety of different group activities in Camping Village Šimuni – from underwater recreation and various sports activities to night parties and entertaining festivities that our guests love to attend.

Beautiful nature

One of the main reasons why our guests choose camps for their vacations is the beautiful nature that surrounds them, as well as the feeling of being connected with the Earth – that’s something that can be fully experienced only by spending your days outdoors. That’s something Šimuni is famous for, because you’ll be surrounded by six mesmerising beaches on one side, and monumental mountains and thick pine forests on the other. An ideal scene for relaxation.

Relaxed atmosphere

In addition to a bunch of new friends they’ll meet in the camp and the beautiful nature surrounding them, our guests love camps because of their relaxed atmosphere. In the camp, there’s no need to rush because there are no schedules that say you have to do certain activities at a certain time, and if you like, you can also spend the entire day your swimsuit as there’s no such thing as a dress code. In Šimuni, everything is completely tailored to fit you and your optimal mode of relaxation!


Waking up in the sea

If we were to believe our guests (and we have no reason not to), getting into the sea immediately after waking is one of the best feelings in the world. What’s especially awesome is that first impact of energy that overwhelms you as soon as you dive in – it can wake up even the sleepiest of people. In addition to that, our guests say that there’s something liberating in the fact that most of the camp courts are right by the sea, that wherever in the cam pu are, you’re never a few meters away from it, and that you can jump in whenever you want.

Ability to go on vacation with pets

A lot of our guests consider their pets to be a part of their families and they always take them on vacation, which can sometimes be a problem if they book accommodation at a hotel. Camps have no such problems as most allow pets to enjoy the vacation together with their owners. If you always take your pets with you on holiday and plan to visit Šimuni, take a look at our guide for camping with dogs.


Sleeping under the stars

Although it sounds like something that’s seen only in Hollywood movies, sleeping under the stars that are so close you can almost touch them is a rare luxury that (because of our hasty lives) can’t be experienced everywhere. Although hotels have many other advantages, this romantic experience is certainly one of the most unexpected reasons why our guests often decide to go to the camp.


Now that you know the reasons why our guests like to spend their vacations in camps more than in hotels, all you have to do is book your ideal vacation in Camping Village Šimuni and prepare yourself for an exciting adventure in the nature!