7 ways to show solidarity and take care of others during the COVID-19 pandemic


Everyone can do their part to make these difficult times easier with just these simple everyday things.

You already know the basics: staying at home, disinfecting, washing hands and distancing from others in order to help flatten the curve are all essential actions during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, there are also small, simple things you can do to take better care of yourself, those around you and the environment.

1. Take care of the elderly

No, not just your grandparents — make sure to also check on older people that live in your building or neighbourhood. Help them with groceries if you can, or maybe give them your phone number to contact you in case they need a chat.

2. Reconnect with your friends and family

Take the time to get in touch with your loved ones, especially those that live alone or far away. Whether it’s talking on the telephone, video calling or chatting through a messenger service, now is the ideal time to check on that aunt that lives alone or your friend who lives across the world.

3. Stay (or become!) environmentally conscious

A pandemic doesn’t mean you have to stop your daily routine — continue separating waste, carrying a tote bag to the grocery store and reusing plastic and glass containers. However, try going a step further: sort your closet and separate clothes you can give away, buy your veggies from small, local businesses and maybe plant some herbs. Now is an excellent time to implement little eco-friendly habits in your life!

4. Pay attention to your behaviour online

When you’re looking for factual news about the coronavirus, pay attention to the source. There’s a proliferation of fake news, so make sure you’re not reblogging and spreading false information about the pandemic. Each country has its credible news sites, and you can always check the official website of the World Health Organisation (WHO) for news about the COVID-19 virus.

5. Be the bearer of good news

If you have to share something, then let it be something positive! Staying indoors means spending more time on the Internet, and it’s easy to focus on the negative or become overly fixated on tracking every new info about the number of COVID-19 cases. Take a breather and simply relax with memes, funny cat videos or news about something positive. There are news sites, apps, as well as subreddits that focus entirely on good news, and actor John Krasinski even started a YouTube series dedicated to feel-good content from all around the world!

6. Don’t buy like crazy

There’s no need to buy 12 packs of toilet paper or 30 kilos of rice. Be sensible while shopping, and instead of stacking supplies, focus on planning your meals on a weekly basis. That way you can reduce the number of trips to the store in a way that’s good for everyone and won’t lead to shortages. 

7. Stay together, locally and globally

Remember, the world is fighting this battle together. The virus knows no borders, it doesn’t care about ethnicity, race, religion or economic status. Think and act globally if you can, but if not, at least take care of those in your community and make sure your bond stays strong — no matter if it’s your family, your neighbourhood or the flat you share with your 3 friends.

It is more important than ever to show solidarity and compassion, even if we’re physically distant from each other, and we hope these tiny pieces of advice help you stay positive while staying at home!