You’re wondering which Croatian islands are must-see destinations? Take a look at our list and pick your favourite!

With crystal blue sea, ancient architecture and amazing Mediterranean food and wine, it’s safe to say that Croatia is a holiday mecca. Out of almost 1.300 Croatian islands, 48 of them are inhabited, each offering a unique experience to its visitors.

Go through our list to make sure you’ll pick the right one for you!

Cres – The one with pristine nature

The biggest island in Croatia is a perfect retreat for those who like to get in touch with nature. Visit Sveti Ivan beach, located just below the cute medieval village of Lubenice, or Plava Grota beach with a nearby cave of the same name.

Krk – The one with a famous historical monument

This is one of the best Croatian islands to visit if you want to learn a little bit about the country’s history. Krk is home to the two-metres wide and 800-kilograms heavy Baška tablet, a cherished monument which mentions Croatia for the first time in the Croatian language.

Rab – The one with a medieval festival

You can get familiar with Rab’s rich past during Rapska fjera, the island’s famous medieval festival. Besides a “live” history lesson, one of the most beautiful Croatian islands is known for its vast sandy beaches.

Pag – The one with breathtaking scenery

If you’re travelling by ferry, the first thing you’ll see is the island’s weird moonlike landscape. But don’t worry — the island has dense green forests, ancient towns, spacious pebbly beaches and restaurants offering authentic Dalmatian cuisine!

Brač – The one with the most famous beach 

The island of Brač earns its place among the top Croatian islands because of the Golden Horn, the most famous beach in Croatia. It’s popular due to its distinctive shape — the 450-metres long pebbly “horn” stretches into the sea like a small peninsula.

Hvar – The one for an active holiday

Like its above-mentioned neighbour, Hvar is constantly featured on many “best Croatian islands to visit” lists. Whether you want to spend your vacay doing various sports activities or exploring charming villages, you won’t be disappointed if you choose Hvar!

Mljet – The one with the national park

The national park in southern Dalmatia is fascinating for a couple of reasons. There are two saltwater lakes on the island. In the middle of the larger one, you’ll find an islet with a preserved Benedictine monastery from the 12 century!

Korčula – The one with a bit of everything

You’re wondering what Croatian islands to visit if you want to experience local culture, get to know the fascinating history of Dalmatia, explore untouched secluded coves and dine in some of the best restaurants in Croatia? Korčula is the answer, as the islands checks off everything from the list!

The good news is that many of these islands are close to each other. So, if you can’t decide on visiting just one, pick a few and organize a fun day trip!