A compilation of 10 easy recipes for camping

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Put these 10 simple meals in your camping cookbook!

When planning the meals for your next camping trip, first learn which food is best to bring on your vacation. Swap bread with tortillas, get various types of dehydrated foods and bring lots of canned goods — check out the full guide.

Once you’ve decided which ingredients you’re taking, read these diverse and easy recipes that won’t take too much of your time.

Fresh Adriatic grilled fish

Clean the fish, dry it, season it with salt and pepper and wash over with olive oil. Then smear the grill with olive oil, too — once it gets hot, put the fish on it. For an extra touch of the Mediterranean, use a rosemary branch to apply olive oil on the fish while it grills.

Calamari and cuttlefish black risotto

Black risotto is a Croatian classic — and we hope it becomes your “camping food” classic, too! It’s made like the usual risotto, just remember to use short-grain rice and add the squid ink gradually.

Hot dog with a twist

Mix chopped hot dogs, onions, chilli and barbecue sauce in a bowl. Put each hot dog bun on a tin foil, fill with the mixture and wrap. Grill them over a campfire flame for about 20 minutes.

Quick pasta with veggies and lentils

If you bring a pot on your camping trip, you can easily make lots of types of pasta in under 10 minutes. Boil the pasta of your choice, stir in ready-made pasta sauce and add vegetables and lentils.

Ramen with green onions and soy sauce

One useful tip when packing for a camping trip is getting lots of dehydrated foods. This recipe shows that not all dehydrated food recipes have to be boring — prepare the “not your average” ramen with lots of veggies and spices!

Coconut curry soup

Maybe you won’t think of coconut curry soup when coming up with ideas for easy camping meals, but we assure you that it’s really simple to make! Just follow these instructions and enjoy.

Vegan gluten-free wrap

Simple camping food means it’s easy and fast to make, but wraps come with one more benefit you can combine them with whatever vegetables you brought on your trip. Here’s one idea: get gluten-free tortillas and stuff them with canned beans, lettuce, tomato, salsa, avocado and vegan cheese.

Grilled sweet potato fries

Cut the sweet potatoes into lengthwise strips, about 1 cm wide. If you like them crispy, soak them in water for 30 min and let dry for an hour before continuing. Season them with olive oil, garlic, chilli powder and ranch dry mix. Place them on tin foil on a pan and cook over an open fire.

Oatmeal with nuts and raisins

Oatmeal is not just a quick and easy camping breakfast, but also a nutritious one. For better flavour, pour the milk over the oats in the evening, leave them to soak, and add nuts and raisins in the morning. You can play with adding other ingredients, like chia seeds or maple syrup.

Campfire scrambled eggs

Are you thinking that packing eggs for your camping trip isn’t the most convenient thing to do? We agree, and we have a solution! Scramble the eggs before your trip and put them in a bottle. When you want to use them, pour them in a pan and your breakfast will be ready in minutes!

With the right know-how, your camping meals can be as creative and delicious as the ones you make at home. So, make sure to remember these recipes when you’re on your next trip!

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