All you need to know about nautical tourism in Croatia

With a majestic coast and more than a 1000 islands, Croatia is ideal for sailing, yachting and other types of nautical adventures.

In the last couple of years, nautical tourism has become one of the most attractive forms of tourism in Croatia. If your idea of a perfect vacation includes cruising around on a yacht or a sailboat, Croatian coastline, with its thousands of islands, islets, beaches, bays and marinas, will be just right for you. Take a look at all the things you need to know if you plan on sailing around the Adriatic this Summer.

Yachting in the Adriatic

Croatia has more than 50 marinas, and a majority of them have technical services, cranes and gas stations, as well as retail and hospitality facilities. Marinas in Croatia also regularly organise sailing courses, so you can learn how to sail. If you’re a seasoned sailor, and you’re arriving to Croatia with your own vessel, make sure to plan out your route beforehand and reserve your spot in marinas you plan on visiting.

If you don’t own a yacht or a sailboat, you can rent one in larger Croatian marinas. In order to rent a vessel, you have to obtain a skipper’s certification (you can take the test at all port authorities) and have a VHF station. You’ll also have to fill out the necessary forms and obtain signatures from all crew members. Keep in mind that each change of crew during the voyage must be reported to port authorities.

Available activities

Croatian marinas offer its guests a wide variety of yachting and sailing activities. You can choose anything from sailing tours, day trips, island hopping tours, nautical rallies, convoys, races and team-buildings. There are also additional supporting activities you can try, such as motor boating, water-skiing, speed boating, windsurfing, jet skiing and a lot more. To find out more about yachting activities that are available to you, feel free to contact our info desk on [email protected]

Marina in Šimuni

Camping Village Šimuni also has its own marina in which you can moore your yacht or a sailboat. If you’re interested in using the marina, please check out the marina protocole that’s available on our website and reserve your spot before your arrival.

Now that you know all about nautical tourism in Croatia, it’s time to book your ideal vacation in Camping Village Šimuni, and start cruising around Croatian islands and islets!

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