If you’re looking for places to go for your honeymoon, Croatia has spots that will leave you with heart-eyes.

Honeymoon ideas are never easy. You want the start of your life together to be memorable, but also relaxing; fun, but romantic. Croatia has spots that match all those criteria, so check out our list of destinations for your first vacation as married lovebirds!


The western peninsula of Croatia is known for its picturesque sights, rich history and excellent cuisine. Top honeymoon destinations are the exquisitely charming towns of Rovinj and Opatija, as well as the romantic lighthouse on Cape Savudrija, the westernmost point of Croatia. 

Since Istria is packed with sights, we recommend you take a tour of the region and stop by the many enchanting hilltop villages, such as Motovun, Buje, Roč and Hum, called “the smallest city in the world”. Enjoy the wonderful olive groves and stone houses, and definitely treat yourselves to a candlelight dinner with beef from the autochthonous Istrian ox boškarin, renowned extra virgin olive oils, local wine called malvazija and traditional pasta fuži.

The area is especially famous for its truffles, an exclusive delicacy that has a reputation of being quite the aphrodisiac. Guess you have to try for yourself!

Secluded islands

Croatia’s coastline is known for having more than a thousand islands, and the quiet, less crowded ones are some of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the country. Imagine walking hand in hand next to the calming waves of the iridescent turquoise and sapphire Adriatic Sea, accompanied by a quartet of cicadas and the smell of Mediterranean flora. Quite a nice start of your life together, don’t you think? Oh, and if you really want an intimate getaway, then pick one of the islands with no traffic or cars, such as Susak, Prvić or Silba.

Gorski kotar

Far away from the hustle and bustle of city life lie the enchanting green forests, imposing mountains, charming huts and crystal clear waters of Croatia’s most forested region, Gorski kotar. Fužine, Delnice and Vrbovsko are just some of the settlements known for mouthwatering delicacies and surrounded by gorgeous natural sights. If you’re both outdoor enthusiast, then maybe a perfect romantic getaway for you encludes hiking and climbing to the peaks of National park Risnjak, where you can take in the breathtaking view of the Adriatic beneath you.


Zadar earns a spot on every list of top romantic places in Croatia thanks to its absolutely gorgeous sunset. The glowing pinkish and orange hues above the calm, blue sea enchanted even famed movie director Alfred Hitchcock, who gave it the title of “the most beautiful sunset in the world”. And after watching the spectacle in the sky, take your loved one by the hand to roam the cobbled streets of this ancient coastal town.


If you’re having a winter wedding, pick a cosy honeymoon in the countryside of the most eastern region of Croatia, Baranja. This mecca for rural tourism will take you back to simpler times with pristine nature, live music, and, of course, local delicacies such as fiš (fish stew), sausages, čobanac (spicy meat stew), etc. A great meal goes down best with a glass or two of excellent wine, easily found in numerous wine cellars and wine roads of Baranja. At night, warm up next to each other and fall asleep in the charming traditional rooms on the rural estates of the region.

Pick one of these best honeymoon destinations in the country and you’ll surely have a great time — especially with your loved one by your side!

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