Best of Croatian food: Pag traditional specialities

Food & wine

Besides its head-turning beauty, the island also offers guests an amazing peek into Croatian food culture.

If you’re planning a trip to the Adriatic coast, one of the experiences you’re most looking forward to is probably the amazing Croatian cuisine. However, going through the entire “best of Croatian food” category is quite a challenge, so start with the traditional delicacies prepared on the gorgeous island of Pag.

Pag lamb under the bell

Lamb slowly cooked under a heavy iron bell is called janjetina ispod peke, and this traditional Croatian food is especially tasty when prepared with the renowned lamb from Pag. The local herds graze on the rocky terrain full of salt blown from the sea, which in turn makes their meat have such a specific flavour. The taste is so renowned that young Pag lamb meat has to be certified as such, and the meat slowly cooked until perfectly tender is a real treat you don’t want to miss out on.

Needle macaroni

A type of pasta called makaruni na iglu (“macaroni on the needle”) is a dish best prepared by the precise hands of hardworking grandmothers on the island. The long and thin pasta is formed by wrapping the dough around knitting needles, then combined with a sauce of your choosing (sauce with lamb meat is always a good choice of Pag delicacy).

Pag cheese

Pag is the absolute dream destination of any true cheese lover. The main gastronomic delicacy is an award-winning goat cheese whose strong flavour perfectly embodies the aromatic bouquet of herbs and salt so strongly present on the island. Needless to say, the cheese goes down best when paired with excellent wine, something Croatia has in spades!

Prosciutto (pršut)

Dalmatian pršut is definitely one of the must-try foods in Croatia. Unlike the Italian prosciutto, the Dalmatian version of this cured ham is smoked then dried by strong gusts of bura wind. The combination of local pršut and cheese makes for an amazing charcuterie board that you can enjoy on the terrace of the top-notch restaurants of Camping Village Šimuni.


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