Although our Adriatic coast is more famous for rocky and pebbled beaches, finding a sandy beach in Croatia isn’t that difficult as you may think!

The rough cliffs, tiny pebbles and deepest shade of blue make the Adriatic a wonder to behold, but sometimes you just want to feel warm sand beneath your feet. If that’s the case for you, you’ve probably already seen our list of best sandy beaches in Croatia and maybe even visited the white sand beach Saharun on Dugi Otok. Well, then it’s time to meet other beaches with sand in Croatia — those located on the island of Pag!


This sandy-pebbled gem is located near the city of Pag, and it’s pretty easy to find — but beware, once you come, you’ll find it hard to leave! The clear blue Adriatic Sea is as pretty on Pirka as it is on any other spot on the island, but the absence of bars and beachside restaurants make it noticeably calmer than other places on Pag.


The Golden beach is the heart of Camping Village Šimuni and serves as the centre stage of the many events organized for visitors of the camp. The beautiful Pag sandy beach has an aquapark and a kids club, and while the youngsters have their fun, parents can enjoy sipping cocktails in the café bar Suncokret or have a relaxing massage. 


Meet one of the best sandy beaches in Croatia! Known also under the name “Trinćel”, Planjka beach is located near Stara Novalja, a charming village in the north-eastern part of the island of Pag. It was named the most beautiful beach in Croatia in the year 2006, and it has a great range of facilities and fun activities that make it ideal for families with children. 


This gorgeous sandy beach located about 5 kilometres from Novalja absolutely deserves its name (čista means “clean” in Croatian). The long stretch of sand that crowns the mesmerising blue Adriatic gives swimmers a chance to get a nice tan and, since there is a restaurant on the beach, even enjoy a nice meal.


There are absolutely no restaurants, cafés or any other sort of establishment on this tiny secluded beach — and that’s exactly why you should visit it! Even during the summer, the beach never gets too crowded, which is perfect for those looking for an oasis of peace and quiet with plenty of trees to give shade from the strong summer sun.

Now that you know which beaches to visit on the magical island of Pag, all that’s left is to pack your bags and prepare for hot, sunny days laying on the sand and swimming in the crystal blue sea. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit!

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