Camping is fun for the whole family, and your pup will especially enjoy it! Here are some tips on essential pet camping gear and dog camping accessories for a carefree vacation.

It can sometimes be hard to find accommodation where your furry friend will be welcome, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Camping is not only a great choice for anyone looking to spend time relaxing in nature, but also a dogs’ favourite! Luckily, gone are the days where camping sites had no-dogs policies, so you can enjoy a comfortable vacation with your entire family. At Camping Village Šimuni we welcome your four-legged family members and we offer two great beaches where you can enjoy together, along with special dog amenities.

Unsure what camping stuff for dogs to pack? We have prepared a checklist on dog camping gear and other important things you need for a dog.

1. A comfy bed

You pup may be used to laying on the hard floor, but we recommend getting a doggy travel bed anyway. Your dog will know where its place is and won’t wander around as much. It’s best to try it out at home so the dog can leave its scent there and recognise it easily in a new location. Look for a bed that is waterproof, lightweight, easy to clean and store.

You can place the bed in the tent vestibule at night, so you don’t have to squeeze inside the tent with your dog and you all get a good night’s sleep. 

2. A long/retractable leash

No matter how well-trained your dog is, you need to keep it on a leash when you are at a camp with other people. A regular, short leash for walks isn’t going to be enough – invest in a long leash so your pup can have enough space to move around, but still be safe.

3. High-absorbency towel

This is a great piece of camping equipment for dogs as they are bound to get muddy and wet. It’s a much better choice than a regular towel as it makes the job a lot easier, and it also dries up quickly.

4. Travel bowls

One of the most useful dog camping supplies, a collapsible silicone dog bowl will make your life easier and it’s inexpensive. They are easy to clean, easy to store, and they usually have a hole to attach a carabiner.

5. Dry food

If your pup only eats BARF, you may have a tough time when going camping. Dry dog food is by far the easiest solution for camping as it won’t spoil when properly stored and doesn’t take up much space.

6. First-aid kit

This is a piece of must-have camping gear for dogs, as it is for you. You can purchase a special kit for dogs as it has some additional things that human first-aid kits don’t provide, and there are also combined human and canine kits available on the market. Add in a paw pad healing balm, tick repellent, tweezers and any medicine your dog may require.

7. GPS tracker

This is a great piece of gear to have at any time, especially if you frequently go hiking and exploring with your friend. With a GPS tracker you will never have to worry about pup getting lost, just make sure to have it charged at all times.

8. Toys

And of course, dogs need their toys. You don’t need to bring a whole bunch because you will definitely find sticks and other toys in nature, but one or two favourites will go a long way.

That’s it – now that you know what to pack, it’s time to plan your camping trip and have a good time!