Ćevapčići: Unavoidable typical Croatian grilled food

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Delicious ćevapi are a favourite among Croatians.

For those hungry for typical Croatian food, there is one meat delicacy on the must-try list. Delicious ćevapi or, ćevapčići, is one of the most popular Croatian foods actually, the entire Balkan region absolutely loves it. 

Ćevapi is a type of grilled dish made from minced meat typically served with onions, flatbread and kajmak cream cheese. Ćevapi or ćevapčići is plural for ćevap. One portion can include 5 or 10 of them, depending on the size you choose.

Ćevapi found their way in this part of the world during the Ottoman rule. The Turks introduced their all-beef dish which, over time, was reworked to fit the taste buds of local people better. 

It’s often compared to kebab, but there are really few similarities. Kebab is a large piece of beef meat cooked on a skewer and then sliced, while ćevapi are a combination of two kinds of meat,  grilled in individual smaller pieces. 

Today, you can find ćevačići at almost every step, be it in a restaurant or a street food kiosk.

If you’re interested in the recipe, here it is.

Ćevapi recipe



600 g beef

300 g lamb

3 cloves garlic

1 Teaspoon salt

1 Teaspoon pepper

Cut the meat and mince it twice. This is very important because it improves texture and helps ćevapi hold their shape. Mince the garlic and add it to the meat along with salt and pepper. Knead the meat, so the spices marry well with the meat. Cover with plastic and leave overnight in the refrigerator. 

When deciding on the shape of each ćevap, use your index finger as a measure for the width, and shape them into 4 to 12 centimeter long rolls. 

To get the best result, slather your grill in lamb fat (lard) before grilling ćevapi.

Serve ćevapi in a grilled flatbread, alongside raw chopped onions, a spoon of kajmak cream cheese or ajvar, a type of red bell pepper sauce.

Even though ćevapi are not considered a typical Mediterranean dish, you can definitely try some in our Camp’s restaurants

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