Dalmatian dogs, a symbol of Dalmatia


From the little Dane dog to a Disney character, meet the dog that carries the name of Croatia’s southernmost region.

Dalmatian dogs are some of the most recognizable dog breeds in the world, and their playful character only adds to their popularity. Some say that the Dalmatian’s homeland is actually Egypt, because of rock carvings in pharaoh tombs depicting hunting dogs with spots, and some place its origins even farther, in India.

But, it is most widely believed that Dalmatian dogs originated from Dalmatia. Apart from its name, there are many Dalmatian dogs carved into aristocrats’ tombstones and old statutes, in which the Dalmatian is called “the little Dane dog”.

All of the theorists do agree on something, Dalmatians are an ancient and pure breed.

One of this breed’s traits is that it gets along extremely well with horses and horses find a Dalmatian’s presence calming. This unusual trait led Dalmatians to the position of carriage dog who trotted alongside aristocrats’ carriages.

Once the horses were replaced with automobiles, the Dalmatians switched to tagging along fire vehicles, which were the last to lose horsepower. Still, the Dalmatian remains connected to firefighting to this day.

Dalmatians are great dogs for active families. Their character is extremely outgoing, lovable, playful, friendly and intelligent, and are known for their ability to smile. They have excellent stamina and endurance for any activity you throw at them, and will easily keep up with your bike rides and hikes. Their fondness for horses translates to other animals, so your other pets and your Dalmatian should get along splendidly.

Dalmatian puppies are born with white coats and they only begin to spot in 3 to 4 weeks. Spots are most usually black or brown, and can rarely be blue, brindle, mosaic, tricolore, orange or lemon. Their eyes are blue, brown or amber. The litter size can be large, but certainly not 101. 🙂


If you haven’t had the chance to come in contact with these spotty goofballs, come to Croatia and investigate their country of origins, we’re sure you’ll run into one soon. View accommodation offers in Camping Village Šimuni for perfect experience on the Adriatic Sea coast.