Dinaric Alps offer hikers some of the best nature in Croatia.

If you’re an avid hiker wondering where to go hiking in Croatia, we have a suggestion that will surely excite you. 

Dinaric Alps, also known as Dinarides, are a 650-kilometre mountain range spanning from the river Soča in Italy all the way to northern Albania’s Prokletije mountain.

The Dinarides cover an area of 200 000 square kilometers and of hold some of Croatia’s most massive mountains — Velebit (1758 m), Biokovo (1762 m) and Dinara (1831 m), with the highest peak of the range being Maja Jezercë at 2694 m.

With these impressive numbers, it’s no wonder that the Dinaric Alps are on the bucket list of many hikers.

Via Dinarica’s three trails

The best trail for exploring Croatian Dinaric Alps is Via Dinarica, one of the most popular hiking trails in Croatia. Via Dinarica offers three trails, depending on what you’re interested in experiencing. The White Trail connects the most magnificent peaks of the Dinarides and leads hikers to the very heart of the Croatian part of the Dinaric Alps. 

The Dinarides are parallel with the Croatian coast, so the Blue Trail offers a unique experience of the Adriatic sea it connects four islands, two peninsulas, four nature parks and explores the canyons of two rivers. 

The Green Trail, as its name implies, is a perfect trail for those hikers who love forest paths and waterfalls. This trail discovers all the green vegetation Gorski kotar and Lika have to offer. 

A karst beauty under the clouds

Even though they are called the Dinaric Alps, the Dinarides are far from the typical green pastures and alpine scenery of Austria or Switzerland. This rugged area is famous for its rocky karst terrain that covers half of the entire mountain range. But it is not all barren there are also beautiful lush forests, picturesque villages and churches hidden among its peaks.

While you’re hiking the Dinarides, we suggest you conquer Dinara, the mountain that the entire range was named after. Its peak is 1831 meters and allows some amazing views of neighbouring mountains Svilaja, Promina and Troglav.

The Dinarides truly do offer something for everybody moon-like terrain, green forests and sea horizons. Just pick your favorite trail and start by putting one foot in front of the other!

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