Put on your scuba gear and explore some of Pag’s most amazing underwater attractions and locations.

The Adriatic sea if full of wonderful things, and most of them are hidden under its surface. With underwater caverns and canyons, as well as a diverse ecosystem of fish and plants, it’s a place you could explore for years. To help you plan out your next underwater adventure, we made a list of six diving sites near the island of Pag whose beauty will leave you absolutely stunned.

Pag gates

Located near Cape Krištofor, Pag gates are a marine gate that separates the bay of Pag from the Velebit channel. If you decide to go on a dive here, get ready to be amazed as you’ll pass through the monumental underwater canyon that’s filled with small caves and crevices for you to explore. There is also a beautiful beach near the diving site, so you can rest and get some sun before you go for another dive.

Premuda cathedral

The underwater cathedral near the small island of Premuda is one of the most famous diving spots in the Adriatic. When illuminated by sunlight, this series of small caverns that are all connected to a single large cave will make it feel like you’re passing through a stained-glass window, and that’s why this diving spot was named cathedral. In the main cave, you’ll be greeted by hundreds of fish and corals whose colors make the entire dive even more majestic.

Šimuni bay’s sunken ships

In addition to natural underwater attractions, Pag’s seabed also contains a number of sunken ships for you to explore. There are, unfortunately, no pirate ships with treasure chests filled with gold and maps leading to buried loot that’s just waiting to be discovered, but you’ll find 5 sunken ships really close to the camp. Those 5 ships are located at the depth of 8 to 15 meters, and that makes them perfect diving spots for both beginners as well as advanced divers.

If you’d like to explore the ships, as well as a variety of plants and fish that made them their home, come to Foka, our camp’s diving center, and consult with our diving experts who’ll show you the ropes and take you to the sites.

Škrda caverns

Škrda is a tiny uninhabited island located to the north-west of camp Šimuni. The island’s most popular diving location is its underwater cavern filled with a variety of different fish and plants, but there is also a quite small, but beautiful beach on the northern part of the island, if you want to take a little break from diving.

Maun Gorgonias

The island of Maun is located directly across camp Šimuni, and its seabed is the home to some of the most beautiful species of Gorgonia corals. With their colors ranging from yellow to bright red, they are a sight to see for everyone interested in learning more about the flora of the Adriatic sea. If you look hard enough, you might also stumble upon large colonies of winkles and shellfish, hidden among the corals.

Pohlib caverns

Another location that’s ideal for scuba diving is the small island of Pohlib. There you’ll find a large underwater wall containing four caves, as well as a stunning underwater canyon. As the caves are quite large, you can easily enter each of them and explore their interiors, see different kinds of fish that made the caves their home and enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic seabed.


Now that you know where some of the most amazing diving spots around the island of Pag are, book your perfect vacation in Camping Village Šimuni and get ready for an unforgettable underwater adventure.

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