Discover the wild side of the Velebit mountain with an off-road safari!

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Hop on a four wheeler and get a taste of the rough, but showstopping nature of one of the most magnificent Croatian mountain ranges.

Although the Northern Velebit and Paklenica national parks are the most famous tourist attractions on Velebit, one of the highest mountains in Croatia has much more to offer than just its crown jewels. The longest Croatian mountain extends parallel to the Dalmatian coastline for 145 kilometres, all covered with woods and astonishing karst landforms. Since the gorgeous terrain is quite rough and demanding, one of the most efficient ways to visit the mountain is by jeep. An off-road safari is not the only adventurous thing you can experience during your visit to Dalmatia — check out the other thrilling excursions available at Camp Šimuni, but first see what an off-road tour of Velebit looks like!

Next stop: Velebit, Croatia!

The slopes, valleys and peaks of this stunning mountain captivate visitors with their peaceful and slightly mystic atmosphere. While conquering the untouched heart of the mountain, you’ll get to see the challenging karst terrain where shepherds used to live as one with nature. The whole mountain is protected as a nature park, which means that it remains untouched and is still a safe home to diverse wildlife and plant species. Seeing them up close is a memory you’ll surely cherish for a lifetime!

Canyon of Zrmanja

The breathtaking canyon of river Zrmanja is simply a must-see during your drive. The relentless flow of the river through the karstic terrain gradually formed an impressive gorge southeast of the Velebit mountain. The 200-metre deep canyon holds an abundance of crystal clear, emerald water that meets the Novigrad Sea in the river estuary.

Most beautiful movie location

Not even Hollywood is immune to the charms of Velebit! Your safari will take you on a tour of the paths where the “Winnetou” movies were filmed during the 1960s. The silver screen adaptation of Karl May’s adventurous novels about the Indian Apache chief required an exquisite background, and Velebit proved to be quite a good choice for a filming location!  

Off-roading through this magnificent Croatian mountain will surely leave you with a lingering desire to see other stunning nearby locations. Book your stay in one of the prime accomodation types of Camping Village Šimuni and get ready to explore Dalmatia in all its splendor!

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