Thinking about a new fun activity? Choose rafting in Croatia and have an adventure on one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.

Una river is probably one of the best rivers for white water rafting in Croatia. It’s both exciting and beautiful — nestled between the striking mountains of Plješevica, Grmeč and Osječenica, Una’s green waters are a sight to behold, and its rapids an adrenaline ride to remember.

The river is a natural divider between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and it played a big part throughout their history. One legend says that Una’s name came from the Roman word for the number “one” in order to emphasize its value to the ruling forces.

Rookie or not? Una’s got you covered

Today, Una is one of the most prominent locations for river rafting in Croatia. Rafting on Una is a fun activity for people of all levels of rafting skills because the river has three rafting sections with different difficulty levels.

Many would say that the Štrbacki Buk – Lohovo section is the most attractive part of Una because it passes through Una National Park. This section stretches for 15 kilometres so there’s plenty of time to absorb all of its beauty, but keep in mind that this part of Una is reserved for those with more experience in rafting.

If you don’t have a lot of rafting experience, or you’re trying it for the first time, choose the Costello – Grmuša section. This shorter, less demanding route is perfect for beginners. You’ll still have lots of fun, but you’ll be rafting through smaller waterfalls and rapids which are safer than the ones on the Štrbacki Buk – Lohovo.

The third zone is settled on the lower part of Una. Choose this 24 km long section if you’re looking for easy adrenaline fun while enjoying views of the nature that surrounds the river. Prepare yourself for a long raft because rafting through Costello – Bosanska Krupa section lasts about 6h.

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