How to make your couple camping trip more romantic

Tips & tricks

Going out in nature for a few days can greatly deepen the relationship with your partner. So plan your romantic camping and enjoy a bit of intimacy surrounded by gorgeous nature!

If you are a little bored with dinners, going to the cinema and walks around the city, try something new — romantic camping! Camping is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your partner’s company, discuss interesting topics, try fun activities or simply indulge in silence. Give the idea a chance because nothing brings people together like a good trip!

Peaceful environment

One of the first and foremost steps when planning a romantic camping trip is to choose a secluded campsite. The last thing a couple on a romantic vacation wants is too many people and children around them. Therefore, first research which options are best for you. After that, decide if you’re going to spend your camping time in a tent or bungalow. Based on that, choose the best location for your first romantic camping trip.

A large sleeping bag

Get a large sleeping bag big enough for two people. Besides enjoying the hugs, you will maintain body temperature, which is very important if you decide to camp in the fall or winter.

Cooking in nature

Cooking has always connected people, and cooking in nature is something you must try. So bring some groceries and try some new recipes, cook together and enjoy creating delicious dishes.

No technology

Suppose you have decided to go on a romantic camping trip. In that case, your goal is to connect with your partner, enjoy their company and forget about everyday problems. One way to accomplish this is to put away your cell phones. Of course, it’s always good to have a cell phone while camping in case of danger or accident, but don’t make calls, correspond, and look at photos of other people on social media. Instead, forget about all technology and just enjoy your partner’s company, talk, explore and be present!


What sounds more romantic than camping with a partner? Well, stargazing! It is an opportunity for both of you to relax under the starry sky and enjoy peace. If you plan to observe the stars, then pay attention to the time of year when you plan to go, but also look at the forecast for those days! Clear days bring clear skies and a million stars to look at. Learn about their position, remember what the little bear looks like, or talk while watching the starry sky. That is the perfect opportunity to start topics that bother you, that you keep to yourself for a long time or have not been ready to talk about.

Islands and smaller towns

Islands themselves are romantic places, especially if you go camping there. Find an island you like, explore its offer, restaurants, beaches and places worth visiting. If visiting an island is a difficult task, you can always visit smaller coastal towns to try local specialities, listen to local music and enjoy secluded beaches.

Inspiration from other people

If you are looking for a couple that can serve as inspiration for your honeymoon, anniversary celebration or a relaxing trip, look for the story of Anđela and Davor. This couple, from Croatia, travelled to 5 continents and 24 countries in 365 days, and they called that trip their honeymoon. Of course, you don’t have to leave Croatia and spend 365 days travelling around the world. Still, visit their Facebook and Instagram profiles — their stories, suggestions and ideas can help you discover new places you can visit with your better half.

Bringing a camera

Creating memories with a partner is important for bonding, and what’s better than looking at old travel photos? So bring a camera and create memories together; capture beautiful scenes of nature, your smiles and the starry sky.

Lighting a campfire

If you decide to camp in a secluded tent, lighting a campfire would be a great idea. Aside from having fun trying to create the perfect flame, this, along with two glasses of wine, very quickly becomes a very romantic moment. However, always make sure you put out the fire entirely before going to sleep in the tent!

Having a picnic

Store the food you have prepared, bring large blankets, two glasses and a bottle of your favourite wine. Choose a unique and quiet place where you can enjoy nature, views of the beach and the waves, or choose the shore of a soothing lake. It’s up to you! A picnic is an excellent opportunity to laugh and talk to your loved one and enjoy some amazing food without the hefty price tag.

Camping gifts

If you are a couple who loves to travel or camp, then a camping gift is always a good choice. Depending on what they want or need, you can prepare smaller gifts such as a travel coffee mug, or some more specific gifts such as a cooking set or a new tent.


Buying a hammock is a good investment. Lying down with your partner in a hammock tied between two trees on a small beach sounds very nice, right? Of course, if you both plan to lie in it, be sure to buy a sturdy enough hammock and avoid possible accidents on your camping trip. We warned you!

Camping with the person you love is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other and get closer. Small places in solitude, without technology and other people, allow you to enjoy your peace and relax far away from everyday problems. If you haven’t already, try this type of romantic trip and see how true love doesn’t require going to a posh restaurant or luxury hotel!


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