Thinking about going to Istria? Pick your favourite activities to do while visiting the heart-shaped Croatian peninsula and enjoy the perfect trip!

Located in the west of Croatia, the Istrian Peninsula offers everything you might need for the Mediterranean holiday of your dreams. Here’s the rundown of things to do, see and taste in Istria, Croatia!

1. Explore the historical city of Pula

One of the best ways of connecting with this part of the land is learning about Istria’s history. That’s why your journey through Istria should start in Pula — and among many things to do in Pula, Croatia, exploring its Roman amphitheatre dating back to the 1st century is a must.

2. Have coffee for breakfast and truffles for lunch

If you want your taste buds to have a true local experience as well, start your day with a hot cup of coffee with milk! Let your lunch be a bit more upscale and try Istrian truffles, an exclusive Croatian delicacy often referred to as “diamonds of the kitchen”.

3. Stand on the westernmost point of Croatia

While vacationing on the Istrian coast, one of the most interesting places you can visit is Cape Savudrija, the westernmost point of Croatia. Spend your day exploring the romantic lighthouse from 1818 and relaxing on gorgeous Savudrija beaches, some of the best beaches in Istria.

4. See elephants and zebras in Brijuni

Brijuni National Park is an archipelago consisting of 14 islands and islets known for the unique flora and fauna. We’re talking elephants, zebras, mouflons, llamas and camels, as well as marine poppies, wild cucumbers and captivating evergreen strawberry shrubs.

5. Enjoy a bruschetta with drops of Istrian olive oil

Brijuni is special for one more thing — it’s home to a 1600-year old Mediterranean olive tree! Million more olive trees grow all over Istria and the peninsula is known for producing some of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world. You shouldn’t leave Istria without tasting this precious liquid!

6. Taste some of the best Croatian wines

Speaking of liquids, it would be a sin to finish a trip to Istria without tasting local wines. You can’t go wrong with Istarska Malvazija, dry white wine with a rounded full taste. Combine it with pasta with a cheese-based sauce and veal or pork.

Ancient Roman villages, high-end wineries, charming villas and rustic restaurants are just some of the reasons why more and more travellers wonder “where is Istria?”. If you’re one of them, we have just one thing to say: stop wondering and start planning your trip to this little piece of Adriatic paradise!


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