Krka National Park – natural phenomenon with seven waterfalls

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Meet Krka National Park, a lovely lush and serene place made for nature lovers.

National Park Krka is one of Croatia’s seven national parks, but only one of two national parks that have both lakes and waterfalls. It is located about 10 kilometres from Šibenik and covers an area of 109 square km. It is named for the river Krka, which is its main attraction and architect of the beautiful karst nature.

This powerful river is also the home of the first hydroelectric power plant in Europe, and second in the world!

The 7 biggest waterfalls (collections of waterfalls) are called Bilušića buk waterfall, Brljanski waterfall, Manojlovac waterfall, Rošnjak waterfall, Miljacka waterfall, Roški waterfall and Skradinski buk waterfall. 

  • The Skradinski buk waterfall is the longest waterfall on the Krka River, boasting 17 waterfalls whose cascades showcase travertine barriers, islands and lakes. 
  • The Roški waterfall has 12 waterfalls, with the main one being 22.5 m high, followed by an impressive series of backwaters, cascades and islets.
  • Manojlovac is the tallest waterfall in Krka National Park, with travertine barriers soaring to 32.2 meters.

Exceptional natural value

The tiny island of Visovac is another unique part of Krka National Park. It has a monastery and church built way back in 1445 and 1576 by Franciscan monks, whose historic walls today hold a vast library and archeological artifacts.

Nature lovers will thoroughly enjoy themselves exploring this breathtaking park, and if you don’t mind a little walk, we recommend you take “The Stinice – Roški slap – Oziđana pećina” Educational Hiking Trail, the best way to really get to know the plant life and geological phenomena. This trail will take you to Oziđana pećina, an archeological site with confirmed presence of all the Neolithic cultures of the Adriatic region and Eneolithic cultures.

If you’re looking to take a road trip to NP Krka, it will take you an hour and a half from Camping Village Šimuni, but if you don’t feel like driving, there are organised excursions from the Camp that will have you there and back again. If you’re coming in summer, be sure to bring your bathing suit or trunks because you can absolutely swim under the waterfalls. 🙂

If you haven’t already fallen in love with NP Krka, we recommend you book your national park accommodation and experience love at first sight!

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