Long term camping: important tips when preparing

Tips & tricks

Find out how to make camping life easy and enjoyable!

The freedom of long term camping trips comes with a price — without proper preparation, you may feel a lack of everyday comfort. However, investing a bit of time and effort into planning will make things easier and safer. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a longer and stress-free camping vacation!

First-time camping tips

If you’re a beginner camper, maybe you’re worried that long term camping might be too big of a challenge for you. Don’t worry and just focus on the basics first — make sure you pick up the items from our list of basic camping necessities, learn how to set up a tent (it’s easier than it looks!) and research the accessible camping sites in advance.

Get all the comfort you need

Picking a high-quality sleeping bag is always important, but it’s crucial for a longer trip, so don’t sleep on it! Get a comfortable bag that will keep you warm, but also consider buying an inflatable air mattress. Thin mats are ok for a night or two, but can quickly cause back pain or make it hard to fall asleep. You won’t be able to explore nature all day without a good night’s sleep, so go ahead and invest in an inflatable mattress and pillow.

Safety first

Bad weather conditions can threaten your sense of security during longer camping in a tent. Make sure to check what the forecast is like, but if things take a turn for the worse, be prepared for rain and stormy weather

First of all, choose a really, really durable tent. It might be more expensive, but at least it won’t fly away or leak. Second, consider buying headlamps. As opposed to the flashlight on your phone, this is hands-free and lasts longer, making it great for emergencies. Also, always have a first aid kit and some tools or a pocketknife.

Family camping tips and tricks

Camping can be a fun and adventurous way for your kids to learn more about nature while also spending valuable time with their parents. Bad phone service is often a problem, but use it to your advantage! Bring items that children can play with instead of phones, for example, card games, light books and toys such as frisbees or inflatable balls. This will also keep them entertained when it’s time to set up camp and you need to do things without constantly being interrupted.

As far as their security is concerned, important camping safety tips for kids are teaching them about nature, getting them headlamps and making sure they always have an emergency whistle on them.

Seasonal camping tips 

During the summertime, heat can be really overwhelming. Unfortunately, tents don’t come with air-conditioning, so always bring a portable fan that runs on batteries. Nowadays they also make ones that can be plugged into a USB port!

As for winter camping tips and tricks, we advise that you pack emergency survival blankets. Warm clothes are a must, but thin thermal blankets are always a practical source of extra warmth. 


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