Rakija – traditional Croatian brandy

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Rakija is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in Croatia. Find out which types you can try in Camping Village Šimuni!

We’ve already shared the story about the most popular Croatian wines with you, and now is the time to cover some traditional Croatian spirits, especially rakija. In addition to being so good you can drink them by themself, rakija is ideal when combined with local delicacies such as Pag cheese and prosciutto, and it can also be used as an aperitif served before more complex dishes.

These traditional Croatian drinks are produced by distilling various types of fermented fruit, and you can try a lot of them in Camping Village Šimuni. If you find yourself in Šimuni during your next vacation, we strongly recommend that you try some of these flavors:

  1. Grape brandy
  2. Herb brandy
  3. Walnut brandy
  4. Mead brandy
  5. Plum brandy
  6. Pear brandy
  7. FIg brandy

To find out what makes every one of them so special, keep on reading!

Grape brandy (lozovača)

Lozovača is one of the main types of rakija because it is used as a base for the preparation of numerous other types of rakija. This type is prepared from fermented grapes and bdue to its more neutral taste, smell and texture, it is an ideal type of rakija for the production of herb brandy, mead brandy, cherry brandy and walnut brandy.

Herb brandy (travarica)

Because of a large variety of herbs that are used in its production, travarica is often called an alcoholic medicine. Additionally, it’s special because you can completely adapt it to your taste – everything depends on which plants you use during the preparation. Mint, sage, rosemary and thyme are some of the most commonly used herbs, but you can also play with many other plants.

Walnut brandy (orahovac)

Orahovac is a bitterish type of rakija that’s prepared from green walnuts. Since nuts are full of vitamin C and iodine, orahovac is used as a remedy for various digestive and thyroid problems, as well as for strengthening blood and treating anemia.

Mead brandy (medica)

As its name says, medica is a type of rakija that’s prepared by adding honey to grape brandy. Because of its sweetness, scent and complexity of its taste, medica is one of the most popular types of rakija. It is often used as an aperitif as it is ideal before meals, and if you add propolis to it, it affects your health in an extremely positive way.

Plum brandy (šljivovica)

Šljivovica is a beverage that has been produced in Slavonia for centuries and is one of the most popular types of rakija in Croatia. This type of brandy is produced by distilling fermented plums, and the final result is a crystal clear drink which is at the same time extremely aromatic, smooth and with a very strong plum smell.

Pear brandy (kruškovac)

Kruškovac is a type of yellow rakija with a mild scent and a very noticeable sweetness. This rakija is made from fresh pears – Williams pears are most commonly used as they give this rakija a more pronounced flavour.

Fig brandy (smokovača)

Fig brandy or smokovača is one of the most prized Dalmatian products. This traditional drink is produced exclusively from local figs, and its sweet taste and rich texture make it a favorite among the guests visiting this Croatian region.