Sea organ – natural musical instrument played by the sea

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Listen to the orchestra of nature in a city with the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

If you’re thinking about where to go on holiday in Croatia, Zadar is one city to put on your wishlist.

Zadar is known for many things, its historic and cultural monuments, and impressive sights, but there are two that made it world famous.

First are its sunsets, which Alfred Hitchcock once described as the most beautiful in the world, and the second one is its unique sea organ. It is located on the western end of Zadar´s Riva and you will best find it by following the beautiful chime melody it produces.

The sea organ looks like a series of marble steps which underneath hide 35 pipes whose whistles, play 7 chords of 5 tones. The music is powered by the energy of the sea, with the waves, high tide and low tide. There is no repetition, because the sea is ever-changing, so every sound the organ makes is unique.

The Organ was designed and built in 2005 by stone carvers and architect Nikola Bašić, who received the European Prize for Urban Public Space for it.

Zadar is only 68 kilometers from Šimuni, and the short ride is full of delicious surprises. There are a lot of family farms selling homemade produce and delicacies on stands along the road to Zadar, so that’s a gastronomic opportunity you don’t want to miss. If you don’t have a car, that’s ok, just visit our info desk and book transportation to Zadar or info on how to reach it by public transport.

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With beautiful sunsets, unique sea organ and close proximity to Pag, Zadar is definitely a place you should include in your itinerary. But first, choose your accommodation and book your stay! 🙂


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