Visit the most beautiful sunset in the world.

You can find gorgeous sunsets all over the world, but the one in Zadar is exceptionally stunning, seemingly casting a spell on everyone who witnesses the sun slowly dipping into the peaceful Adriatic Sea.

Adding to the natural beauty of the Zadar sunset is the monument Greeting to the Sun, one of the symbols of the city. Formed by 300 multi-layered glass plates placed in a perfect circle representing the Sun, this 22-meter wide installation is set into the pavement, right next to the equally famous Sea Organ.

The best place for an amazing sunset

The architectural wonder is located on the waterfront (the so-called “riva”), right at the entrance of the Zadar port. Riva is the busiest place of every coastal town, filled with people enjoying their evening walks, and it’s the perfect site for the two tourist attractions created by renowned Croatian architect Nikola Bašić. He insists that the basic idea of those projects is the encounter with nature: while the Organ represents communication with nature via sound, the Sun is a way of communication with the help of light.

Power beneath the beauty

Where does the light come from? From within the monument, since the glass tiles hide a number of solar modules that collect sunlight during the day. When the sun sets, the monument starts emitting colorful lights, and continues to do so till sunrise. The illuminated glass circle is walkable, so you can also dance to the beat of this light show!

Enjoying the sun salutation in Zadar

Even prior to the installment of the monument, Zadar was known as the town with the most beautiful sunset in the world. While enjoying the view from his hotel, a glass of Maraschino in hand, famed director Alfred Hitchcock couldn’t help but wax poetic about the beauty in front of him: “Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West, in Florida, applauded at every evening.”

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