Three ways to show love to your pet on “Love your pet day”!

Tips & tricks

A day in the year when we love our pets a little more than the other 364 days!

Love for pets cannot be measured, and all those who have had a pet at least once in their life know what true love is. Because of that, owners try to please their pets and show them how much they mean to them — in various ways! Read on to find out some of the ways owners celebrate their pets.

Bake a cake

One of the most common ways to celebrate your pets’ birthday is to make them a cake. Of course, it’s not the same for each of your pets, but there are many recipes on the Internet that can help cheer up your furry baby. Another way to show your pet love is to give them a toy, a favorite treat, or even a new bed!

Take them on a trip

A large number of pets love to spend their time in nature. Such quality times are not only made for dogs but also for cats, rabbits, and other rodents. Some owners successfully spend their time in nature with their parrots as well! If your dog loves hiking, camping, swimming in the sea or lake, running after birds in the field, or simply likes to lie in the grass and enjoy the sun —  you have a great recipe for a perfect dog birthday! There is no better feeling than seeing your pet happy and satisfied. If you like to travel in the summer, you can also celebrate your pet’s birthday in various pet-friendly camps! Camp Šimuni, on the sunny island of Pag adores its four-legged visitors, and even has a part of the beach that is reserved for them!

Give a new home to the abandoned

February 20th marks Love your pet day. It’s the perfect opportunity to visit a local shelter and provide a home for an abandoned animal. Or even more of them! Explore local shelters, think about what kind of animal would suit your lifestyle and make your life, but also someone else’s, much more beautiful. After such a decision, February 20th will become another favorite day of the year!

February 20th is just a day when you will pamper your pet, maybe a little more than usual. However, every pet owner knows that love for them is present all 365 days of the year!