Tips and packing checklist for camping in the fall

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You're afraid of rain and cold? No need to be! Camping out of the summer season can be just as exciting, and we bring you tips on how to best prepare for it!

Although people generally prefer their outdoor activities in the spring or during the summertime, there are various activities that you can enjoy during the fall, such as camping. The only thing that matters is that you are well equipped, so keep reading and plan your first fall camping trip with the most important tips for camping at that time of the year!

Check the weather

Even though the weather forecast during the fall can be very unpredictable, always take a look at it before you go on a trip to prepare as much as you can. Make sure you have enough clothes in case of a sudden cold. Layered clothing, a windbreaker, extra shoes or boots, extra socks and a winter hat are always welcome for camping in the fall, especially if temperatures drop, which is not uncommon for that time of year.

Invest in a good tent

If you want your autumn camping to go as well as possible get yourself a quality tent! Why? It will ensure a warm, dry and safe place where you don’t have to fear possible rain or wind. The most significant advantage of a good tent is that it will maintain the temperature much better at night than cheap tents used for summer camping. At the same time, it will not leak in case of heavy rains. If you’ve never used your tent before, test it in the yard before the trip to ensure it doesn’t leak and that all its shutters are working correctly.

Be ready for the rain

The main feature of autumn is rain, so it’s crucial to be ready for it. However, if the weather forecast shows rain all the time during your camping trip, you can always rent a bungalow where you don’t have to worry about possible leaks!

Bring a supply of food and water

Be sure to bring enough food and water with you, especially if you are going to an isolated place that is far from populated areas where you can buy what you need. Also, if you get lost or forced to stay longer due to bad weather, it is always good to have a supply of water and food to keep you warm!

Always move around

One of the best tips for autumn camping is to get moving! Besides giving you the chance to enjoy the beauty of nature that surrounds you, walking is an activity that keeps your body warm, which is very important for camping at this time of year. So take a walk around the camp pitch, around a local place, visit a hill, ride a bike, or go for a morning run.

Sleeping bag to stay warm

Bring a quality sleeping bag. Why? The temperatures can be very low during the night and morning, and a suitable sleeping bag is a perfect solution for that! This way, you will maintain your body temperature all night, and you will not wake up cold in the morning. A quality sleeping bag, along with a quality tent, is an inevitable investment for successful camping in October or November. So don’t avoid buying a suitable sleeping bag!

Be prepared for shorter days

Although the autumn days are pleasant and beautiful, the night comes very quickly! Therefore, always return to your tent or bungalow before the sun goes down, and just in case, bring a flashlight with you to make your trip easier!

Respect wildlife

In the autumn, fewer people spend time in nature and wilderness, which is why you are more likely to meet wildlife. Do not get too close to any wild animal, but enjoy the opportunity to watch it live from a distance. Many animals use autumn to prepare for hibernation, which is why they can be a bit grumpy and restless, so keep that in mind!

Warmth hacks

If your body temperature gets low, one way to help you fall asleep more easily is a hot water bottle that you can put next to your body or next to your feet to keep you warm. Also, eat a snack before going to bed, because digesting food and consuming calories keeps your body warm!

Bring a survival kit

Don’t forget to put a survival kit on your fall camping list. As much as camping in nature is a wonderful, relaxing and unrepeatable experience, it is always good to be prepared for all possible situations. Put extra food and liquid, flashlight, first aid supplies, rope, pocket knife, a map of the area, compass or GPS in a tiny bag. Chances are you won’t need these things, but it’s always better to be prepared!

Tell your friends and family

And the last thing is to always tell your friends or family where you are going and when you intend to return before you go camping, especially if you are going to uninhabited areas!

Camping during the fall brings with it many benefits: fewer tourists, more peace, animals and a sense of presence. Despite all these beauties, camping in that period is still different from summer camping, which is more popular. Autumn camping is not more complicated, but requires extra preparation. Before going on such a camping trip, carefully consider the options of campsites and places you would visit, follow the weather forecast to be as ready as possible and do not set off without quality equipment, enough food and fluids. Don’t skimp on camping gear, because persistent rains and poor quality equipment can only ruin your trip. Get ready with the help of this list and try your hand at autumn camping this year!

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