Tips for a good sleep in a tent while camping

Kamping savjeti

It’s possible to make your tent your very own dream land. All it takes is knowing how to prepare a perfect set-up for a good night’s sleep.

If you want to recharge during your holiday, sleeping tight at night is a must. Check out what’s the best way to sleep when camping and replace tossing and turning with sleeping like a baby throughout the whole night.

Buy a suitable sleeping bag

Number one question campers ask themselves is what to sleep on when camping. Sleeping bags are suitable for either hot or cold weather, so be careful when choosing a bag for your next trip

If you’re going camping over the summer, you’ll want to get a car camping type. This bag has more wiggle room, so it won’t retain heat. 

Get comfortable bedding

Trust us when we say that the most comfortable way to sleep when camping includes a camping sleep pad and a pillow. It will make all the difference.

Sleeping pads come in a few varieties self-inflating, air and closed-cell foam. Self-inflating mattresses are easier to set up, but air and closed-cell foam ones are usually of lighter weight and easier to transport.

Inflatable pillows take up very little space, so there’s no excuse for you to not take one. If you have enough room, consider taking a pillow you regularly sleep on. Think of it as one luxurious item you’re taking.

Use ear plugs and sleep masks

If you’re somewhere alone in the nature you’ll be hearing lots of nature sounds, and not like the ones you can usually hear on sleeping apps. If you’re sleeping in a camp, naturally, you’ll have many fellow neighbour campers. Yes, many camps have policies that don’t allow noise after 11 pm, but if you’re a light sleeper you’ll want to make sure no sound can disrupt your sleep.

Best way to do so is to use ear plugs, as they’re small, cheap and disposable. You can choose between foam and wax ones use the latter if you really want to block out any noise.

In a quest for finding the most comfortable way to sleep in a tent, think about buying a sleep mask. You’ll be able to get some extra sleep in the morning even though the sun is already high in the sky.

Fight of mosquitos and pests

A mosquito net should be high on your packing list, especially if you’re camping in Mediterranean climate. If you want to be a hundred percent sure there are no unwanted guests sleeping in your tent, put lavender or citronella near the entrance, as these herbs are natural bug repellents.

Also, safely store and dispose of food. No smell of a potential midnight feast, no bugs at night trying to eat your leftover sandwich.

Cool the air

This one’s for summer campers. If you have access to electric power, bring a camping fan with an extension cord. A battery operated fan is the best option if you don’t have electricity. 

If the fan alone isn’t doing the trick, get that breezy feel by putting a block of ice in a dish directly in front of the fan. Make sure the dish is large enough to hold the water once the ice has melted and remember to empty it occasionally.

Maybe you’ll have to pack one inflatable flamingo less, but hammocks, tarps and headlamps should definitely find a place in your duffel bag. Being fully prepared will not only make you comfortable during the night, but you’ll also have a carefree vacation.

Now that you have all the info, all that’s left to do is to enjoy those perfect nights in Šimuni.