Top 5 backpacking & trekking mistakes

Tips & tricks

Avoid experiencing a camping fail or a hiking fail with the help of this advice.

Croatia is a great choice for amateur and professional hikers and trekkers. Some of its most popular destinations are the Dinaric Alps and Northern Velebit.

Thousands of hikers come to Croatia to explore its trails and mountains, and here are some of their most common mistakes.

Bringing too much

An overly heavy backpack is the last thing you need on your trekking trip, yet it is so often the case. When packing for a trekking trip, you really can’t avoid a heavy backpack, but you can definitely avoid overpacking and that way lessen your impending burden. 

Remember that you’re not going to be using everything you use in your day-to-day life, so take only the necessary toiletries deodorant, toothpaste and sunscreen. Be sure to make a hiking tools list and follow it to be sure you’re really bringing the essentials. 

Not considering the environment or weather

Mountains have their own microclimates and the weather can turn very quickly. 

Be sure to be aware of your surroundings and have a shelter ready if a storm rises. 

When it comes to terrain, dress appropriately. 

A mountain is not interested in your fashion sense, so consider your clothes, gear and shoes, and accommodate them to the terrain and weather. 

Not watching your step

Yes, bringing a first aid kit is a must, but there are some injuries that no band-aid can fix, and can unfortunately put you in peril. The most common injuries of hikers or trekkers are leg sprains, so quality boots are a necessity. They should keep your ankle fixed and stable, and all you have to do is to literally watch your step. We know that the scenery is breathtaking, but take a break to enjoy it, not while you’re climbing. 

Overestimating your ability

Listening to your body is good advice for any time in your life, especially when you’re being physical. It’s tricky if you are a beginner who is maybe trying to keep pace with experienced trekkers because there is potential of exhausting or injuring yourself. Once you conquer a trail, nobody is going to ask you what was the hiker’s or your average speed for the entire hike. They will ask you about the experience, not your top time. 

Picking a poor camping spot

One of the most common camping mistakes is failing to properly pick and set up your camping spot. 

Be sure that you choose even, flat terrain to pitch your tent. This way you’ll avoid sitting  in a puddle of water if there’s rain. Use “dry” as a general rule and keep your camping site away from any water, rivers or drains. If there’s wind, we have some advice on pitching a tent in high winds, too. Also, try to find a site with southern exposure because the sun will keep you warm.

If you’re a beginner, try training hiking on Pag, and once you get a grip of the basics, aim your sights on Croatia’s majestic mountains.