Top 5 cafés and restaurants close to Šimuni (rated by locals)

Food & wine

Finding your new favourite restaurant is a cherry on top of the perfect vacation.

A big part of experiencing local culture is getting to know its tastes and smells. On Pag, that means trying out cheese, wine, olive oil, fish and lamb. To prepare yourself for your next trip to Šimuni, read about these nearby restaurants and cafés, suited for all groups and ages.

Top 5 restaurants

Take a look at the best Pag restaurants that both locals and tourists enjoy.


If you’re searching for “local food Croatia”, you’ll surely come across meals like brudet, black risotto and buzara. Giardin is one of the best restaurants near Šimuni for trying out not just these local meals, but also homemade wine and bread.


Guests love this rustic restaurant because of the lovely atmosphere and many types of European, Mediterranean and national food. Croatia is famous for its fresh Adriatic fish grilled in Dalmatian style, popularly called riba na gradele, and delicious Pag cheese — you can try them both at Figurica.

Didova kuća

The owners of the quirky local food restaurant Didova kuća work with ceramics and pottery for six months of the year, and during the other six months, they live, work and cook in the oldest house of the Šimuni bay. You can enjoy fine Adriatic cuisine surrounded by the colourful chairs, custom made bread bags and the old grapevine.

Starac i more

The name of this Novalja restaurant means “an old man and the sea”, which gives you a good idea of what kind of food you can expect there. Starac i more focuses on fresh Mediterranean food, so this is the right place to indulge in a classic shrimp cocktail or a lobster dinner.


If you want to move away from the crowds, spend an afternoon at the Boškinac restaurant and winery. Prepare yourself for deliciousness — their fine dining menu has everything from lamb, fish, cheese and olive oil to some of the best wines in Croatia. When you’re done browsing through the wine list, you can relax under the baldachin and gaze at the green Novalja fields.

Top 5 cafés and bars

Everybody knows Croats love drinking coffee. Check out some of the best places to get your favourite cup of latte or maybe a cold afternoon beer.


Everybody in the small village of Šimuni loves Peppi. If you truly want to go into the “local mode”, come in the morning to drink your cup of macchiato and read the paper while chit-chatting with the locals about the weather.


Located right on the beach of the Šimuni village, Leut is perfect for a slow afternoon chill in the shade with an iced coffee or a cold beer in your hand. The bar also serves a couple of easy and fast meals, which is excellent if you don’t feel like going to your apartment to cook in the middle of a fun beach day.


You like your cocktails accompanied by great music? If yes, Kokopelli beach bar will be your favourite place in Šimuni village. Local acoustic bands come to Kokopelli to perform greatest pop, rock, funk and blues hits.


Cocomo is one of the best beach bars in Novalja, especially if you feel like partying, but not going to Zrće. Cocomo has a packed program each night of the week, and during the day you can have a cold drink and relax in a comfortable lounge at 22 °C.

Zyaka Beach

The gorgeous beach bar Zyaka Beach is located just outside of the city of Novalja in a peaceful bay. Feel the breeze while you’re listening to lounge music and relaxing, or just chilling after a night of partying.

Besides checking out the restaurants and cafés on the island of Pag, we recommend you take a trip to some of the nearby coastal cities. Check out the beauty that awaits at the city of Split, the second largest city in Croatia, and spend your day exploring its history, architecture and nature.

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