Get ready to conquer some of the most exciting climbing sites in Europe!

Besides the crystal clear Adriatic sea and stunning relaxing nature, Dalmatia offers some fantastic rock climbing spots. You can climb all year long by either finding the sunny side during the winter or climbing in the shade during the hot summer days.

Take a look at our mini Croatian climbing guidebook and pick the perfect site for yourself!


National Park Paklenica is the most famous spot for rock climbing in Croatia. The park consists of Velika and Mala Paklenica, two grand canyons incised in the southern side of the Velebit Mountain. Climbers choose this site because it offers single-pitch sport routes for beginners, as well as more demanding multi-pitch routes. If you’re up for a challenge, make sure to climb the 350 m high Anića Kuk rock.

Marjan hill, Split

With more than 80 climbing routes, beautiful limestone cliffs, views of the surrounding islands and the opportunity to climb around ancient churches, Marjan hill is every rock climber’s dream. Also, Marjan hill is a great place to start if you’re looking for a rock climbing course in Croatia, as there are licensed guides to watch over your steps until you feel safe to climb on your own.

Markezina greda

Just 10 km from Split you can find a rock climbing paradise for experienced climbers. Markezina greda became popular in the last few years because of the rising interest in harder multi-pitch routes. It’s a few km long with heights from 15 to 150 m and along the way you can try out various climbing styles, such as bouldering and top-roping.


If you’re wondering what is the most popular spot for free climbing — Omiš, Croatia is your answer. Route heights vary from 10 to 30 m, with the higher peaks offering stunning views of the city of Omiš, the Adriatic sea and the Cetina river canyon. After the climb, you can refresh yourself with a swim in Cetina or go rafting!

The island of Brač

The island of Brač is known as a top summer vacation spot with pristine beaches and historic architecture, but it’s also great for a Croatian climbing holiday. Your adventure can start at the picturesque village of Lošišće where you will meet your guides who will pick out the route that suits your climbing skills. Good news for the rock climbing families — some roads are safe for small children!

Stogaj, Pag

The island of Pag is one of the most interesting rock climbing locations in Croatia. Not only is Pag one of the rockiest islands on the Adriatic, but its Moonlike landscape provides a truly unique climbing experience. Stogaj is Pag’s well-known climbing destination which you can reach by ferry or driving to the northern part of the island.

If climbing on the real mountain scares you, you can learn the basics on the artificial rock climbing wall in Camping Village Šimuni. The camp is just a few hours away from the listed locations, so it’s a perfect starting point for your rock climbing journey.


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