Top 8 camping influencers and blogs you need to follow

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Meet the meet the internet personas and profiles that can give you fresh ideas for fun and exciting camping

Every day many people search for inspiration and advice on the Internet, regarding their hobbies. They often actively follow influencers who give them advice on cooking, fashion or cosmetics. But there are also influencers whose content consists of travel and camping, and we bring you some of the most famous ones. 

Brianna Madia

If you’re a lover of adventurous living, and you haven’t yet followed this girl’s profile, it’s the right time to do it! Brianna is a traveller from the United States who opened her Instagram profile in 2012. To date, it has gathered nearly 300,000 faithful followers. She shares daily posts about her husband and herself, living in a renovated van with two dogs, exploring the world. Besides the nice content, Brianna often writes about less beautiful experiences related to life in a van. She tries to show a realistic picture and point out that such a lifestyle is not made for everyone. That’s why on her profile, you can read about what it’s like to get lost in a foreign country, live ten days without a shower, or wake up in a frozen van.

My Self Reliance

Shawn James is a Canadian lover of nature and adventure, living with his wife and two daughters. He gained popularity by writing blogs on the webpage called My Self Reliance. However, unlike many other influencers, he didn’t just rely on written forms. Still, he decided to share his experience and lifestyle in videos on his Youtube channel. There you can find a series about camping in the wild, fishing and kayaking. In short, about everything he and his family enjoy!

Ever Changing Horizon

Quin Schrock is an outdoor photographer based in Southern California. As a child, he fell in love with various outdoor activities and later combined them with a love of photography. In his blogs he writes about his camping experience in a particular area, and he also publishes his own photos. Thanks to the pictures taken in nature, he has collaborated with world-famous organisations such as National Geographic, Apple, Sony, and many others.

Matthew Posa

This young man owns a Youtube channel where he started posting videos about his outdoor adventures a little over four years ago. His dogs faithfully follow him, and the total number of views on his channel has climbed to almost 80 million! Through his videos, he shows his greatest loves: kayaking, hunting, fishing and all those adventures that he goes through in the wild. That’s why in his videos, you can see what it’s like to face wildlife or how to prepare dinner in the woods, but you can also learn a lot about extreme camping. Check it out!

You did not sleep there

This is the name of an Instagram profile that takes a slightly different approach to camping and outdoor activities in general. If you spend time online, you will see photos of the perfect body or hairstyle, or the ideal apartment, and even the pictures of the perfect camping!That’s why this profile shows the reality of camping and presents it as it is. On their profile, they regularly post other people’s photos from camping and indicate the angle of shooting, posing and everything that people do to achieve the best possible picture. While these photos look nice, the point is that the experience is still significantly different from what it seems.

Mike Pullen

Certainly, one of the most famous Instagram profiles related to camping is named taoutdoorofficial. There you can enjoy the outdoor adventures of Mike Pullen from the United Kingdom, who has a large number of followers on his Youtube channel as well. However, one of the most exciting parts of his profile are the videos, through which he teaches his followers how to make their own camping tools or patch a hole in their tent.

Danielle & Tommy

Another couple gained popularity by sharing their experience of living in a van on their Instagram profile. Like many other nomads, they travel with their dogs, which you can often see in photos. They usually record videos of their daily routines to bring their life in the van as close as possible to the audience. This couple can boast that 74,000 people follow their lives on Instagram every day, so maybe you should check them out too!

Alexandre and Francis

All those interested in what it’s like to spend life travelling with a tiny baby should follow the Instagram profile called iamnomad_. This couple has a little more than 41,000 followers on their Instagram profile. Through photos, they show the natural beauties they enjoy every day. By the way, Francis is a professional photographer, which explains why they have such beautiful pictures on their profile. You don’t want to miss it!

The Internet is a place where you can find very interesting people who share their lives with the public on a daily basis. As camping becomes more and more popular, many camping and travelling influencers are also becoming more famous. By following their profiles or blogs you can find new places to visit, learn what it’s like to live a nomadic life and decide if you are ready for such a life. If you haven’t already, it’s time to find the inspiration for your next camping trip around some Croatian national parks. Enjoy!

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