If you decide to spend a day exploring all the interesting places on the island of Pag, you mustn’t miss these 9 locations.

Although it is possible to pass the entire island of Pag in one day, seeing all of the interesting things it hides is mission impossible. If you decide to do it, take this itinerary and prepare yourself for an exciting adventure.

Start your tour in Šimuni

Before you start exploring all of the unusual places on Pag, go to Cafe Bar Suncokret and treat yourself to a healthy and refreshing smoothie that will fill you with energy for a tour across Pag.

Climb to the peak of St. Vid

When you’re done relaxing at the Suncokret bar, it’s time for some physical activity. Go north and climb to St. Vid, the highest peak on the island of Pag, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the entire island.

Relax on the beaches near Kolan

The climb to the peak of St. Vid can be exhausting, so make sure you descend to Kolan (a small place near St. Vid) afterwards. After you arrive to Kolan, stop by the nearby beaches on the northern part of the island, like Sveti duh or Čista.

Get to know the wildlife of Kolansko blato

When you’re done relaxing at the beaches near Kolan, take a trip to Kolansko blato, an ornithological reserve where you can see more than 160 different species of birds.

Visit Zrće

After bird-watching, it’s time to have some fun at Zrće, the most popular beach in Croatia that’s widely known for its awesome parties and non-stop excitement.

Explore the Pag triangle

If you are a fan of the supernatural and believe in extraterrestrial life, visit Tusto čelo and the mysterious Pag triangle, a place which, according to some legends, has been visited by aliens.

Visit the olive groves of Lun

When you’re done with the extraterrestrial phenomena you’ll surely witness in the Pag triangle area, visit Lun. It is a place with more than 80,000 olive trees, and the oldest among them has more than 1000 years.

Come to the Gates of Pag

While you’re exploring the beauty of Pag, make sure you come to the Gates of Pag. This majestic bay with a marvelous beach is the place with the best view of the central part of the island.

Take a stroll through the city of Pag

When you pass the Gates of Pag, head to the city of Pag and explore all its cultural and artistic attractions. Visit the salt museum as well as a lace museum, and try the traditional Pag baškotin.

Visit the saltworks

If you have the time, head to the nearby saltworks and see the huge pools in which one of the best sea salts in Croatia is produced. If you really don’t have time to explore the saltworks, make sure to come some other day because it’s a shame not to see how Pag salt is produced.

Return to Šimuni

It’s time to finish your Pag tour. Go back to the camp, treat yourself to an excellent dinner and have fun listening to live music or watch some of our animation team’s performances.


Now that you know which interesting things you have to see if you decide to take a ride across the island of Pag, all you have to do is book your ideal vacation in Camping Village Šimuni!

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