Vertical camping: thrilling adventure or dangerous hobby?

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Get to know the type of camping created only for the bravest!

When people hear the term “camping,” they mostly think of tents in campsites, by the sea, or in the woods by a lake. However, there is a thing called extreme camping, and one of its well known forms is vertical camping! This type of cliff camping is becoming more and more popular, and we bring you the reasons why!

When it all started

This type of camping began in the 1950s, and the first tents designed for this type of camping were used in Yosemite National Park. But, of course, the equipment at that time was not nearly as developed and high quality as it is today.

What do you need for vertical camping

First of all, you need to be a very skilled climber! Besides that, you need quality camping equipment: quality clothing and footwear, portaledge, ropes and of course, food and drink. Wondering what portaledge is? For people who aren’t into camping, it’s probably a novelty, but for those who love cliff camping, it’s the greatest asset. Portaledge is a camping tent that is specially designed for camping on cliffs. Considering that climbers spend several days in it, it must be of good quality!

Where to try this

Although this is an activity that’s slowly being introduced to the whole world, most people who do this go to the United States. Many national parks offer perfect places for portaledge camping. One of the most popular ones is still Yosemite National Park — the place where it all started! But, of course, American national parks aren’t the only places where you can enjoy sleeping above the canyon. Many climbers visit the Dolomites in Italy, and it would be great if something like this took place in Croatian national parks as well. Who knows, maybe it will!

Vertical camping is fascinating and probably an experience you will never forget. But of course, like many other extreme sports, it’s reserved for professionals. So, if you’re interested in extreme activities but still not brave enough for vertical camping, you can always enjoy adrenaline adventures on the island of Pag!