You thought a tent, a sleeping bag, food, water, hammock and a flashlight were the only things people carry on a camping trip? Well, maybe you’re a little wrong!

People who go camping carry the essential equipment they have prepared, often by looking at websites or listening to suggestions from their friends. In addition to everything we mostly carry on camping trips, there are many more things, inventions, and ideas that can maybe fall into the weird camping gear category. We bring you some of the craziest!

10-room tent

In camps, you can usually find tents that can accommodate 2 to 4 people. Still, someone got an idea to make a tent the size of a smaller apartment and it was successfully realized! The 10-room tent is a large camping tent consisting of 10 smaller, fenced rooms that can accommodate two people. So if you ever decide to camp with 20 friends, know that there is a tent for you too!

Pocket knife for every situation

The Swiss Army Knife is not new in camping, but there is a model that has 84 functions, which is why it has found its place on this list.

Musuc bag

The musuc bag is the type of sleeping bag you wear. While you’ll probably look hilarious in that type of clothes, it’s sure to keep you warm all night, especially if you’re going camping in the fall!

Solar water bottle lantern

A solar water bottle lantern is a water bottle with a small solar panel on its cap that collects the sun’s rays during the day. While you mainly use it as a water tank during the day, in the evening, it also serves as a lamp that creates a pleasant atmosphere. Maybe this isn’t the thing you need for camping, but if you ever want to give it a try, you can choose different colors!

Doggy hiking boots

To avoid dedicating the whole blog only to us — the people, we left something for our furry friends too! As many people take their pets on camping trips, someone wise came up with dog hiking boots. Their purpose is to guard the paws and claws of dogs as they run through the woods, rocks and inaccessible terrain around the camping pitches.

While the things listed above are cute, engaging, and a little weird, don’t forget that there are many more important things to take with you when camping. However, after packing them, maybe give some new ideas from this list a chance and, who knows, you might like them!