What is a traditional Croatian breakfast?

Food & wine

The best way to start your day is with a hearty and delicious meal.

If you’re planning a visit to Croatia, you’re probably looking forward to trying amazing Croatian cuisine. Brudet, zagrebački odrezak and the delicious Dalmatian black risotto are just some examples of typical Croatian food that you simply have to taste during your stay. While you’re on your gastronomic adventure, don’t stop on just lunch and dinner, because a traditional Croatian breakfast is also a delicacy you shouldn’t miss!

Savour the day 

Different parts of the country have one thing in common: beginning the day with something salty. Dalmatian fishermen used to eat anchovies in olive oil for breakfast, while their eastern countrymen in Slavonija and Baranja loved to start their day eating bread with a thin layer of lard. Istria has a breakfast specialty called fritaja, which is a flat omelette-like dish paired with tasty wild asparagus. 

There is one typical Croatian food that is common in all parts of the country: polenta. Also known as žganci or pura, polenta is a simple and inexpensive cornmeal porridge usually eaten with milk or yoghurt. 

A sweet morning

To add a little sweetness to the mix, Croatian breakfasts can also include non-savoury dishes! Of course, various types of cereals are a popular staple on the table of many households, but if we’re talking about traditional Croatian food, then the winners are homemade jam and marmalade. 

Hardworking grandmothers across the country are the absolute best at making deliciously sweet and aromatic fruit preserves from any kind of fruit there is in the garden. Apricot, plum and strawberry are some of the more popular flavours, and they’re usually spread on buttered white bread.

Coffee goes with everything

So, now you know what to eat in Croatia for breakfast. If you’re wondering what to drink, there is only one answer — coffee! Croatians are big coffee drinkers and always make sure to dedicate some time in their day for their favourite beverage, especially in the morning. Coffee with milk, espresso, cappuccino, whatever you prefer will go amazing with a bowl of polenta!

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