Shimuni Open

28. – 30. 9.2018.

Shimuni Open, ena od najbolj senzacionalnih mednarodnih regat na Jadranu, je neverjetna kombinacija adrenalinske zabave in vrhunske atmosfere, v kateri bodo uživali vsi ljubitelji deskanja v vetru, kitesurfinga, jadranja in stoječega veslanja.


Several enthusiastic friends, in love with the sea, wind and waves, started an adventure in 2008, organizing the Shimuni Extreme Speed One Hour Slalom.
It was the weekend of 12-14 September 2008, bora had invaded the Maun Channel and Shimuni got its first winners:

Men’s rankings
1. Tine Slabe (SLO 6)
2. Marin Siriščević Sira (CRO 22)
3. Andrej Kocjan Koc (SLO 601)
4. Niko Dujmović (CRO 105)
5. Ivan Kljaković Gašpić – Bambi (CRO - D)

Women’s rankings:
1. Vedrana Brnčić (CRO 134)
2. Dijana Muftić (CRO - K)
3. Anja Štefan (CRO - N)

The 10th anniversary of the Shimuni Open is upon us, the weekend at the end of summer which we cannot imagine passing anywhere else but in Šimuni, at Punta which is at its most colorful at this time of the year!

Dear friends, we hope this weekend is circled in your calendars as well! The invitation is here and surprises abound – come at least for the :)


Camping Village Šimuni
Šimuni 106, 23251 Kolan, Pag Island
29 September - 1(2) October 2017


  • 10th Shimuni Extreme Speed One Hour Slalom
  • 8th Shimuni High Wind Catamaran Race
  • 7th Shimuni Kite Wide Open
  • 2nd Shimuni SUP Race


HRK 85,000.00 (HRK 55,000.00 - in cash + HRK 30,000.00 in kind)


At the moment the most popular cover band in Europe - Loco Band from Beograd



  • FILL OUT THE ONLINE ENTRY FORM (link to the online entry form is at the end of this article in the announcement)
  • Entry start date: Monday, 11 September 2017 at noon – 12:00 h (entries received before the deadline are not valid)
  • Entries will be accepted until Wednesday, 27 September 2017, at 12:00 h (noon)
  • Registration is confirmed upon payment of the registration fee – send a payment confirmation to the email address
  • The organizer may accept late entries with the 50-percent registration fee increase
  • Entries must be confirmed personally at the ‘Shimuni race tent’ located in front of the Mali Raj Restaurant, until Friday, 29 September 2017, 23:00 h
  • On Saturday the Race Office will be moved to “Punta”, and is open to the competitors throughout the weekend


HRK 200.00 per competitor

  • The fee includes the competitors fee, promotional t-shirt and gala dinner on Saturday 30 September 2017
  • The registration fee for the first 50 registered participants (on a joint list for all disciplines) includes free accommodation (tourist tax and registration are not included in the registration fee).
  • Free accommodation is determined by the order of received valid entries. Entries that are not confirmed by making the payment within 7 days from the date of submitting an entry form will not be considered for free accommodation.
  • Address your payment to:
    • Jedriličarski klub Surfbase Šimuni, Šestinski trg 5, 10000 Zagreb, tax number (OIB):19960896157
    • Privredna Banka Zagreb, IBAN: HR6723400091110529325
    • Reference –  depending on the discipline you are registering for: “windsurfing/kitesurfing/catamaran sailing/SUP regata 2017”
    • Payment must include the full name of the competitor



Accommodation in mobile homes is free for the first 50 registered participants (on a joint list for all disciplines).

  • Accommodation prices for other competitors and accompanying persons:
    • price for the accommodation of 4-6 persons in one mobile home – accommodation arrangements are made by the organizer
  • competitors / accompanying persons  =  HRK 55.00 / day / person – period from 29 September – 1 October 2017
  • accommodation in a mobile home in which you are staying alone at your request
    • max. 4 persons = HRK 300.00, mobile home / day
    • max. 6 persons = HRK 380.00, mobile home / day

* Tourist tax and registration are not included in the price


The gala dinner on 30 September 2017 is included for the competitors in the entry fee, and for the accompanying persons is HRK 100.00 – a voucher for the gala dinner can be purchased at the Race Office on Friday at the Shimuni race tent (in front of the Mali Raj Restaurant), on Saturday in Punta at the Shimuni race tent or at the Mali Raj Restaurant when arriving for the dinner.

The gala dinner starts at 19:00 h

For additional information, please contact:




  • confirm your entries at the Shimuni race tent (next to the restaurant Mali Raj) by 23:00h
  • 21:30h, terrace of the restaurant Mali Raj – racer’s meeting
  • live music, warm-up party is in the central part of the campsite (Café Bar Suncokret)


  • first possible start WS – 6:30h, KITE – 8:00h, CAT – 10:00h, SUP  – 14:00h
  • during the day we will organize various amateur competitions, games, etc.
  • 19:00 h –gala dinner
  • 20:45 h – SUPER FUN RAFFLE
  • 22:00 h – concert of the band LOCO BAND
  • 00:00 h – fire show + fireworks
  • 00:20 h – continuation of the concert


  • if regattas are not held on Saturday, the first possible start is on Sunday for WS – 7:00 h, KITE – 8:30 h, CAT – 10:00 h, SUP 12:00 h
  • free bean stew at 13:00 h


Shimuni SUp race

Entry form

Shimuni extreme speed one hour slalom

Entry form

Shimuni high wind catamaran race

Entry form

Shimuni Kite Wide Open

Entry form

Za prijavo in dodatne informacije o programu Shimuni Open obiščite uradno spletno stran regate na Facebooku.

Shimuni Open

Za vse informacije in aplikacij, nam pišite na
  • Telefon za rezervacije +385 23 697 441

  • Poletje 07:00 - 23:00 / Zima 08:00 - 22:00

  • Brezplačen WiFi