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Camping Village Šimuni

Dear Guests,

Camp Šimuni is going on a well-deserved break! From November 15, 2021 to March 15, 2022, Camp Šimuni will be closed to all guests. We will take advantage of this period to prepare for the upcoming season and improve the quality of service. All facilities in the camp, except the reception desk, will be unavailable to guests.

Thank you for a wonderful season, see you in March!

Camp Šimuni Team

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Davor Šanko

[email protected]

Information and Booking

Maja Fabijanić

Tena Hoti


Ivona Maržić Sobotnjak

[email protected]

Mia Pavelić

[email protected]

Career in Šimuni

If you're interested in working at Camping Villageu Šimuni, send your application and CV to

[email protected]

Marketing and sales

Kristina Dominić

[email protected]


Windsurfing, kayaking, catamarans, stand up paddling, tennis, climbing

Igor Kecerin

[email protected]

Diving center Foka

Vedran Dorušić

[email protected]

Water sports

Damir Čepelja

[email protected]

Other sports

[email protected]
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