10 food ideas for camping with no fridge

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You can enjoy wonderful meals in the outdoors, even without a cooler.

You might be used to bringing a cooler on your camping vacation. However, there are plenty of delicious meals you can have without ingredients that require refrigeration — just check our list of healthy and tasty food to take on camping trips!

  1. Breakfast ideas for camping don’t need to be dull and unsatisfying. Bring powdered milk, mix it with cold water and use the milk for coffee, tea or cereal just like you would at home. 
  2. If you’re not a fan of regular cereals, try granola or oatmeal. Oatmeal can be bought pre-packaged and in various flavours that only need a touch of boiling water, but you can also make your own oatmeal by adding apples, nuts and honey.
  3. Granola sounds appealing, but you’re not a breakfast person? Try store-bought or homemade granola bars, a practical and quick option for those who are on their feet since early morning and don’t want to stop for breakfast.
  4. One of the main reasons for bringing a cooler is refrigerating meat. However, you can have hearty and diverse meals without cooking or grilling meat! Canned goods are a camping staple that will leave you full and satisfied — think canned beans, tuna, sardines and similar food.
  5. Canned soups, chillis and stews also require no refrigeration and are a good option for when you need something warm. 
  6. Flatbreads, tortillas and crackers can be your go-to food to take camping that requires no cooking or refrigeration. 
  7. Bring veggies like carrots, potatoes, onions and corn, add herbs and spices of your choice and grill them over the campfire.
  8. Pasta might seem fancy, but it’s actually a practical option for camping. Cook the pasta, add some canned pesto or tomato sauce, herbs and even grate some hard cheese (it can last a few days if it’s in the shade and the weather isn’t too hot).
  9. No camping list is complete without dehydrated food. Read more about it in one of our blogs and find out what your options are.
  10. Maybe you can’t bring your favourite chocolate because it will melt in the sun, but nuts, dried or candied fruits can also be a delicious snack for when you need a dose of sugar.

Find out more about practical food options for camping trips and if you need ideas for camping foods with no refrigeration that are also meat and dairy-free, check out our list of vegan camping ingredients and recipes.

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