Camping Village Šimuni app: make the most out of your camping experience

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Learn more about the Camping Village Šimuni App, a perfect companion for your carefree camping experience in Šimuni.

Remember the old times when people used to carry a paper map every time they traveled? Some still do because it remains a unique part of the traveling experience. But, these days, most people rely on their smartphones for necessary information. From directions to restaurant recommendations, everything is just a couple of clicks away. And with travel and road trip apps like Camping Village Šimuni App, things are even easier. There’s no need to browse the whole internet — if you’re planning to spend your next vacation in Camping Village Šimuni, you’ll find all the info for a memorable experience in our app. 

From bungalows to camping pitches and mobile homes, Šimuni has accommodation tailored to all your needs. Our camping village provides a range of fun activities for young people, couples, and families with kids, and you can even take your pet on vacation with you. If you’re here, you’re surely already considering Šimuni as a place for your dream vacation. We’re excited to welcome you!

So, what precisely can you find in the Camping Village Šimuni App, and why will it make your camping trip even better? Keep reading to find out.

Camp map & marina info 

First things first — we covered all the basics. For easier navigation, a clear view of your current position, and a preview of all the camp activities, Camping Village Šimuni App contains a map that will help you get to any part of the camp. You’re interested in where you can find a fish bar or a playground? Check out the map! It’s simple to follow yet detailed enough to inform you about everything you need to know. 

If you’re visiting our camping village with a boat, Šimuni Marina is a perfect place to anchor. Mooring info, including registration, working hours, and prices, can also be found in the Camping Village Šimuni App. You can relax knowing your boat will be anchored safely while you enjoy your time in the camp.

Keep up-to-date with the latest news from Šimuni Camp

No matter how many times you visit the Šimuni Camp, there will always be something new for you to discover. In our app, you’ll get the latest news and updates about camp events, new features, special offers and other info that will elevate your camping experience. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful nature escape or a fun outdoor adventure, you can get the best of both worlds in Camping Village Šimuni.

Discover all the camp’s activities

Your stay in Camping Village Šimuni will be the highlight of your summer vacation thanks to a large variety of sports and entertainment offerings, as well as a distinctive combination of entrancing mediterranean nature, gorgeous Adriatic Sea, and thrilling activities for kids and adults

The sandy and pebbly beaches of Camping Village Šimuni extend the length of the camp and suit the taste of all generations. Two of the six beaches allow dogs and are great places for having fun with your four-legged companions.

With the Camping Village Šimuni App, you can easily explore the Camp’s possibilities, plan your activities, and get inspired about what to do next. From sports, recreation, and water activities, to wellness and excursions, the camp offers something for everyone. The youngest generations will especially enjoy entertainment provided by the camp’s animators, while adults can take part in culinary competitions, creative workshops, and more.

Gastro page: plan your perfect date night or family dinner night

From fast snacks at the beach bars to the carefully prepared dinner specialties, at Camping Village Šimuni, you can sample both delicious dishes from various world cuisines and traditional Croatian favorites. Use the Šimuni app to plan your gastronomic adventure and find out why Šimuni are the gourmet mecca of the Adriatic

Besides bars, cafes, restaurants, pastry shops, and bakeries, the camp provides two grill parks for all lovers of outdoor cooking. 

Check out our app’s gastro page to see a preview of the different cuisines, download restaurant menus, and more. With the help of the app, you can quickly plan your perfect date night, family dinner night, or just a simple afternoon snack at the beach.

Have all your questions answered

To make your stay in the camp the most comfortable and exciting experience, we’re here to help in any way we can. You can easily contact us via phone or email with the contact information that’s always at your disposal in the Šimuni app. 

To make information even more accessible, our app contains a FAQ section where you can find answers to most common questions, like payment methods, availability of gluten-free dishes, etc. 

Use your camping trip to its full potential

Whether you’re visiting Camping Village Šimuni for the first time, or you’re vacationed here before, the Šimuni app will enable you to seize everything our camp has to offer. Download the app via Google Play and App Store and use it this summer to experience the uniqueness of camping on the beautiful coasts of the Adriatic Sea.

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