Although most people are used to spending Christmas at home, surrounded by families and with plenty of food, there is another exciting option that you might like — Christmas camping!

Christmas camping is becoming more popular every year. This type of camping is not only reserved for northern, snowy countries where you can imagine celebrating Christmas in a cozy hut — the practice has spread all over the world. So, if you wish, you can spend your Christmas and the New Year in camps all over Croatia.

Camping in winter

Although most people choose to camp in the summer to swim and enjoy warm weather, some still prefer winter camping. Such camping can be just as exciting and fun as summer camping, and all you need to do is prepare well for low temperatures! Warm winter clothes, a quality sleeping bag, a quality tent that will not leak, and a warm blanket are a must-have part of your backpack if you decide to camp this winter. Of course, winter camping is also ideal for spending time in bungalows. You can warm up more quickly and not worry about weather conditions such as rain or snow.

Christmas decoration

One of the main things that remind us of Christmas are the decorations; decorated Christmas tree with gifts under it, LED lights all over the house, Santa Claus figurines and baubles. Such little things make our home cozy, and some of them are small and practical enough that you can take them with you to your winter camping trip.

If you decide to spend your Christmas in a bungalow, you can turn it into a Christmas hut from a fairy tale with just a little bit of effort! Since the bungalow is much bigger than a tent, you can decorate a tree and leave gifts under it for people with whom you spend the most beautiful time of the year. Also, the next thing that will make your space more beautiful is LED lamps. There’s nothing that creates a cozier atmosphere than LED lights, right? What’s great is that most of them do not need electricity, only batteries, so you can take them even if you plan to camp in a tent.

Holiday hits

What is Christmas without Mariah Carey? Before you go camping, make a list of Christmas songs you love. If you go to a bungalow with electricity, you can bring a small radio, and if you go to a tent, you can always get a small speaker to connect to your cell phone! Of course, charge the device battery or bring a portable charger. 

Christmas windows

The easiest way to decorate a space with tiny Christmas details is to set up window clings. Of course, this only applies to camping in bungalows or in mobile homes. Nowadays, there are many different kinds of stickers, and the best thing about them is they are very easy to stick and even easier to remove from the glass. If you work a little harder while you search, you may also find Christmas window clings with LED lights!

A Christmas fairytale in front of your tent/bungalow

Depending on where you are camping, if you are a little lucky, you will experience a white Christmas. In addition to the beautiful atmosphere, it’s the perfect opportunity to hang out with loved ones. After snowballing and sledding, make a snowman in front of your tent or bungalow!

Having fun around the campfire

If you decide to go camping for Christmas, campfires are a must! In addition to having fun building it, it quickly becomes a favorite place to hang out. With a little more equipment, you can prepare your Christmas lunch by the campfire! Of course, always make sure you put out the flames before returning to your accommodation.

Winter camps

Many camps close their doors to visitors when winter comes, but there are camps open for Christmas and New Year! As in the whole world, such camps exist in Croatia. Fortunately, they are located in several different locations throughout Croatia so you can enjoy the one closest to you. This kind of camping can be a perfect choice, especially if you don’t have a large family and want to spend a quiet and warm Christmas with your partner or friends. Of course, large families can also enjoy this type of Christmas, but they have to find more extensive accommodation. The advantages of camping in this period are lower accommodation prices, fewer people, and the fact that Croats are still not crazy about this type of camping. That’s why you don’t have to book your accommodation months in advance!

If you, like most people, have never tried Christmas camping, maybe this is the right time to give it a try. Although we are used to traditional ways of celebrating, sometimes it’s just as lovely to try something new. All you need is booked accommodation, some warm camping equipment and plenty of time to enjoy yourself with loved ones. So try it; maybe this will become your new way of celebrating Christmas or New Year!