Discover the stunning hiking trails of Pag Island, take in breathtaking views of hidden gems on the Moon Island and make unforgettable memories.

Have you ever wanted to completely immerse yourself in the magnificent Croatian nature? Moving into the woods isn’t the only way to do so — a much more feasible option is to try camping and/or hiking in Croatia! Just imagine: the peaceful silence of the forest, the refreshment of natural springs, the steady ground beneath your feet leading way to incredible views.

Backpacking and hiking Croatia may be the perfect way to explore the beautiful nature it has to offer, but there are some destinations that are more breathtaking than others. Call us biased, but one of the top contenters is surely the amazing island of Pag!

Why Pag hiking should be on your bucket list

If you are looking for ideas for best hiking in Croatia, Pag may be the ideal destination. There are many biking and hiking trails on the island, and there is nothing better than taking a dip in the refreshing sea after an active day. The hiking trails on Pag island may also take you to some elevated grounds, providing a breathtaking view of the Adriatic and the nearby islands.

Pag Outdoor

A new exciting project called Pag Outdoor brings together active tourism projects on the island and in the surroundings into a single platform – trails, biking, climbing and kayaking. There are certified guides who can help you explore all the beauties of the island so you can have the best active vacation.

Best hiking trails on Croatia’s Pag island

As for hiking on Pag island, there are several amazing trails to try. If you’re looking for the best view of the island, check out the route that leads from Šimun to the top of Sveti Vid (348 m), Pag’s highest peak. It’s moderately challenging and takes about two hours to complete, and it’s available year-round.

There are also two trails newly marked and open to the public. One is a circular trail around Punta Mikula, and the other leads to Veli Zaton Bay. Together with the existing trail from Lokva to St. Kvirin, the three trails jointly form The other side of the Moon and visitors will be able to enjoy and explore this truly special part of the island – bright white rocks contrasted with deep blue sea. Time for hiking on the Moon!

Hiking the unique Pag island terrain

Besides beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and breathtaking views of the Adriatic, Pag has another enchanting feature —  one that sets it apart from other Croatian islands. We’re talking about the light grey, karstic rock landscape formed by the strong bura winds, giving the island an otherworldly appearance

The other side of the Moon

Due to the barren rocky ground covering parts of its surface, the island of Pag is also known as the Moon Island. The area of Ledenik is one of the best kept secrets of Croatia and truly a unique landscape as it is rich in fossil remains, limestone structures, cuts and slits in the rocks, former streams – and the view from Ledenik extends towards the Velebit Channel and Velebit Mountain on one side, and towards Pag Bay on the other. And the name itself tells you – it feels like you are walking on the Moon!

Hiking tips for Croatia’s Pag island

First of all, make sure to bring enough water. The warm weather makes hydration a priority in any type of activity, let alone hiking. Second, you must protect your skin. The hot summer sun requires you wear and continuously reapply sunscreen, and consider bringing a hat and a light protective outer layer. Remember, the lunar landscape might be a sight to enjoy, but it also means less shade, since approximately 86% of the terrain is without vegetation. If you have a dog, make sure to check on which trails they’re permitted to be without a leash. 

The tips mentioned apply to any of the numerous outdoor activities on the island. And if you are into running, there are also organised running events on the island, at the end of which you can, of course, relax with some amazing local food and wine.

Just make sure to always be respectful to nature and never litter or destroy anything. Just enjoy and have a great time, packed with adrenaline.

As for the accommodation – we’ve got you covered! Contact us and enjoy your perfect active holiday at camp Šimuni.