Holidays in spring? Why not! Put those winter clothes away and get ready for your Croatian spring break.

Off-season travel has many perks – it’s less crowded, it’s more affordable, and the temperatures are more pleasant, especially if you are travelling in spring. We have already written about the best places to visit during winter – think icy Plitvice waterfalls – but if you are looking to enjoy the calmness of the coast without the cold bora wind, it may be best to travel in April or May. 

Croatia in April

The bay of Ston near Dubrovnik is home to the best oysters in Croatia and many consider them to be some of the best oysters in the world. Their unparalleled taste comes from the combination of the salty sea rich in phytoplankton mixed with mineral-heavy water from the Neretva river nearby. Oysters are at their very best in late March and early April.

After this you can visit a much calmer Dubrovnik and really soak up all its beauty, free from the summer crowds. Dubrovnik weather in April is very pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 13 to 18 °C – perfect for sunny strolls through the narrow streets of the Old City.

Split is another wonderful city to visit in spring and the weather is very similar to Dubrovnik. You can expect a few more rainy days than in June or July, but it is still predominantly sunny, and late April already gives you a foretaste of summer. You can explore the beautiful islands from the Split Port and visit the largest Croatia Boat Show on the West Coast and Riva in Split.

If you want to visit continental Croatia, weather in April is quite pleasant countrywide. Zagreb is in full bloom and its streets are packed with cultural events and outdoor exhibitions.

Croatia in May

May is already busier and quite warmer, with temperatures in Split and Dubrovnik ranging from 16 to 23 °C. Braver travellers may even want to head out for a swim as the sea is at around 18 °C. And let’s not forget Croats’ favourite hobby – sipping coffee on sunny terraces!

If you are planning to head to the north of the coast, you can visit Vinistra, the largest and oldest wine fair in Istria which takes place in Poreč in May. This three-day event brings together the most famous wine experts in the region. And while you are there, you can go foraging for delicious wild asparagus!

And if your heart is longing for dance, you can always go party on Zrće where the action starts to heat up in May.

As you can see, you don’t need to wait for summer to explore beautiful Croatia. Cycling and hiking is much more enjoyable in the mild weather and camping can be magical in spring. And if you are wandering where to stay, Camping Village Šimuni can be the perfect base for you adventures!