If you’re looking for a dreamy destination for you and your partner, give these gorgeous Croatian locations a try, you surely won’t regret it!

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or just a regular holiday spent with your loved one, a bit of romance in the air is always a nice touch. If a romantic getaway in Croatia sounds like a dream vacation for you, check out these perfect locations for your next couples retreat.


What makes a destination perfect for lovers? Let’s see: a nice view, beautiful promenades to walk hand in hand, some cosy parks for exchanging secret kisses, and voila, you have everything that a couple needs! All those ingredients can be found in the charming Istrian town of Rovinj, alongside a historic old town, picturesque cobbled streets and an astonishing bay and archipelago.


Among the gorgeous islands just off the Croatian coast, Pag is one of the most popular. While most famous as a clubbing destination, it also has beautiful sunny beaches and various lesser known locations that could be a good choice for a relaxing trip with your lover.

While you’re there, you definitely have to try the famous Pag cheese, lamb meat, salt and žutica white wine. Love goes through the stomach, so indulge yourselves with some authentic Dalmatian cuisine and let the love bloom!

Plitvice Lakes 

The mesmerising nature park is famous for its 16 cascading lakes and impressive forest area. The sounds of the water streaming, birds chirping and vibrant emerald hues create an astonishing atmosphere. If you want to enjoy something truly unique with your partner, book an organised tour from camp Šimuni to Plitvice Lakes.


The peaceful and quaint Opatija is an Istrian town packed with wellness resorts and magnificent old villas. Even if you don’t stay at such a luxurious place, just strolling through the Lungomare promenade of Opatija is enough of a feast for the eyes. 

Speaking of feasts: Istria is a renowned culinary heaven. Whether it’s truffles, wines, olives, beef, pasta — whatever you choose to order in one of the fancy restaurants, you won’t go wrong. Truffles and wine are considered especially strong aphrodisiacs, so proceed with caution with these irresistible delicacies (or don’t!).


Topping our list of most romantic places in Croatia is the beautiful coastal town of Zadar, home of the most gorgeous sunset in the world. Famed director Alfred Hitchcock is the one that gave the sunset such an impressive moniker, and rightfully so. The pinkish hues setting over the Zadar archipelago make up a flawless view for a great start of a romantic date. Completing the experience are two art installations: Greeting to the Sun and the Sea Organ, amazing locals and visitors alike with their playful game of sea sounds and sunlight.

If you travel to Croatia with your partner, make sure to book a place to stay on a great location where you can peacefully enjoy your intimacy, such as Camping Village Šimuni. Book your stay and woo your lover with the perfect romantic Croatian getaway!