Get ready for camping season with these useful tips & tricks!

Family camping is a great activity that everyone can enjoy, but it is important to be well prepared so you can make the most of it. Here are some practical camping tips and hacks for families!

1. Pick a well-equipped campsite.

When you are planning camping as a family, especially with young children or babies, you want all the comfort you can get. Best to choose a place that offers lots of amenities – easy access to running water being the most important – and fun family activities.

2. Choose a good tent.

Get a sturdy, large and preferably waterproof tent or rent a mobile home or bungalow.

3. Let kids help.

Prepare a checklist for the kids and have them pack their own gear. When you get to the site, give each child an age-appropriate task to help with the setting up.

4. Prep food at home.

Plan easy meals for your camping and prepare the ingredients at home. You can also involve your kids in this – they can chop the veggies or wash the fruits.

5. Set up a hand-washing station.

This is a useful camping hack that will make your life a lot easier. Bring a refillable water container with a tap and keep it close to your tent, but not too close – you don’t want to be slipping on soap and toothpaste.

6. Use sun and rain protection!

Shading your tent from the sun is important as it can get quite hot inside in the summer. Pitch a tarp over your tent to ensure a cool stay and avoid having rain soak your “but it was supposed to be waterproof” tent. A tarp also provides skin protection from the harsh summer sun, as do sunscreen and hats, which you should also pack, along with rain coats, umbrellas and waterproof shoes.

7. Pack playing cards, games, toys…

You don’t need to bring a lot of things, but a few kids’ favourites will go a long way.

8. Don’t be afraid of mud.

Get ready to get dirty. Kids will probably get dirt and mud everywhere, but that’s ok. They should have fun and enjoy the outdoors, and you can pack just enough clothes to keep them dry, warm and happy.

9. Buy some fairy lights.

They are a really nice touch and kids love them. They also serve as an excellent orientation point if you have to find your way in the dark.

10. Bring a rug for the inside and outside.

It is much easier to clean up when you have a rug as dirt and debris is bound to end up inside the tent. You can just shake it off as needed and put it back inside. An outside rug also keeps the area tidier and prevents mud from forming.

11. Bring medicine for common ailments.

There are bugs, bites and scratches awaiting. Or somebody suddenly has a sore throat. Be safe and always have the essentials.

12. Bring lots of baby wipes!

This is one of our camping tips for families with young children, but it also applies to everyone else, since you can use them for dirty hands, accidental spills, sticky tables, muddy dog paws, etc.

13. Plan some fun family activities.

Enjoy nature and have fun exploring it. Use the time away from technology and teach your kids something new. You can go on a nature scavenger hunt, build a fort or tell funny stories.

14. Make things cosy!

A well-rested family is a happy family. Bring enough blankets, pillows and inflatable mattresses.

15. Have a positive attitude and don’t stress.

Not all things will go as planned so be ready to make changes and adapt to any challenges. Don’t let minor problems get in the way of good times – accept them and move on!

If you are wondering what else to take camping, check out our list of useful tips for first-time campers!

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