The popular summer destination has more than just sunny beaches and crystal blue sea.

You may imagine Croatia as a summer paradise, but a vacation during off-season also has its perks, most notably lower prices and a more serene ambience with fewer tourists. If you’re thinking of visiting in the colder months, check out these spots and activities for an ideal winter holiday in Croatia!


The capital of Croatia has a stellar lineup of exciting events all year long, but winter is especially attractive because of the famous Zagreb Christmas market. A constant slew on amazing free concerts, numerous stalls with mulled wine, sausages and desserts and an open ice rink in the city centre are more than enough to warm up your winter holiday!

Plitvice Lakes National Park

16 magnificent lakes with waterfalls engraved into emerald green woods are truly a sight to behold whenever you come, but winter is exceptionally breathtaking. The waterfalls freeze over, so besides the fact that the tickets are cheaper and the national park is less crowded, you’ll also get to see the natural beauty in its icy edition.


The combination of sun, sea and gorgeous Mediterranean towns with historic architecture attracts a huge amount of tourists to this coastal region of Croatia, which is exactly why you should come during winter! The cold weather might make it impossible to swim, but it also means fewer crowds, cheaper accommodation and transportation prices, and less waiting in line to see the famous cultural heritage sites. Oh, and don’t forget the smaller coastal towns — they’re just as charming as in the summer!


This eastern part of Croatia is famous for rural tourism, fantastic wines and delicacies made with paprika powder. The hearty freshwater fish dishes, sausages and goulash recipes are perfect winter food, and you can try them in the idyllic ambience of Baranja — think wooden huts, snowy woods and a huge pot of fragrant homemade meat stew.

Carnival cities

Your list of things to do in Croatia should definitely include a trip to Rijeka and Samobor. Rijeka is a seaport in the Kvarner Bay, and Samobor is a town near Zagreb, but they have one thing in common: spectacular carnivals. The masquerades in the city centres are held during late winter and after a carnival season spent munching on delicious sweets, so come, put on your costume and party like a local!

There is one thing left to say: although known for its sunny islands, winter weather in Croatia can get quite cold. Pack your warm clothes, bring your boots, and you’ll be all set to enjoy an amazing off-season camping trip at camp Šimuni!