Camping in Šimuni – an adventurer’s guide

If you’re one of those people who can’t relax without an adrenalin rush, here are some extreme activities you can try out to get the best out of your adventure vacation while on Pag.

Bungee jumping

Although it’s a sport that’s not for the the faint of heart, bungee jumping is definitely worth trying out. Visit Maslenica bridge and dive from the highest bungee spot in Croatia, 56 meters to the Adriatic sea! If you don’t think you’d have the nerve, keep in mind that the oldest person to ever bungee jump from this bridge was a 75-year old lady. If she could do it, so can you!

Rafting on the Cetina river

Cetina river is very popular among adventurers looking for exciting new activities in pristine nature. This beautiful river is so clean, its water is bottled and sold under the name Cetina. Explore its canyons, master third grade rapids and revel in the crystal-green waters.

Paintball on the beach

Most people have probably only ever played paintball in a forest or enclosed areas, but Pag offers a whole new paintball experience. You can paint your enemy team red right along a beautiful sandy beach. Come to Caska beach and build your winning strategy!

Rafting adventure on Una river

The legend says that the Romans were so encapsulated with the beauty of this river, they named her “The one”. You too can experience its unique alluring nature by rafting along its bright turquoise and green-colored rapids.

Velebit off road safari

Meet the monumental Velebit mountain and explore some of its rough, but stunning terrain on four wheels. Take in Velebit’s pits and peaks, and enjoy amazing views of Zrmanja river and its 400 meter deep canyon. You can also visit the site where the movie Winnetou was filmed!

Canoeing on Zrmanja

Experience the beautiful waterfalls of Zrmanja river and discover the excitement of kayaking surrounded by lush nature. You will be accompanied by an expert guide and a skipper who will take you through all the curves and rapids of this magnificent river.


Once you’ve mastered our rock-climbing rock at the Camp, try out the real deal. Pag has plenty of barren rocks which can be climbed in every season. Rock-climbers can enjoy conquering the steep part of peak St. Vid and rocks above the Ručica beach on the northwest side of the Pag Bay.


If your heart has skipped a beat, we’re pleased to say there are even more possibilities for adventurers. Explore more activities you can experience at Camping Village Šimuni!

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